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What are Pose Clinics?

Posted by Sport Technique Clinics on Aug 21, 2008 10:21:02 AM

What are Pose Clinics? - Simply put - your gateway to success in your chosen sport(s). At Pose Clinics we will help you optimize and improve your technqiue for any given sport, we will show you how you can correct the errors in your technique yourself and how you can continue to improve on your own. 


Learn the technique used by Olympic and Elite athletes worldwide. Since Dr. Romanov's "escape" from Soviet Union in 1993, the Triathlon National Team members of USA, Great Britain, Mexico, Russia and El Salvador (Hunter Kemper, Andrew Johns, Tim Don, Leanda Cave, Arturo Garza, Sergei Yakovlev, Connie Sol and others), as well as star athletes like Jurgen Zack, Lisa Miller, David Kyle and many others, have all worked with Dr.Romanov on their technique.


Sport Techniques in demand: running, swimming, cycling

Perfect for: runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, duathletes




Are there pose techniques for other athletic activities?  - Yes. Pose Techniques cover the entire Track & Field, Swimming, Cycling,  Weight Lifting, Tennis, Golf, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Rowing, Rock Climbing, Skating, Skiing, etc.... if there is human movement involved - pose technique can be applied to it. Pose Technique can be applied to all sports.




Who conducts Pose Clinics? All Pose Clinics are conducted by Dr.Romanov or Pose Method Certified Coaches. There are over 100 Pose Coaches worldwide ready to help you one on one or in a group setting.  Please visit our Coaches Corner to find a Pose Coach in your area!



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Sport Technique Clinics

Sport Technique Clinics

Member since: Aug 21, 2008

Every sport has it's own technique - swimming technique, running technique, etc. People that work on their technique excel in their sport. Pose Clinics are your ticket to success in sports! Perfect for: runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, duathletes

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