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Who's Got the Power?

September 25, 2008


By Adam C. Warner


SportsPower Correspondent


With the 2008 football season now officially kicked off across the country for every state, FootballPower has run its first series of Power Ratings.


This is definitely an exciting time to be a high school football fan.


The ratings provide each community the opportunity to compare their home football team with thousands of others, even if one’s home team doesn’t play another. You can compare on a state level, by conference, by classification or even on a national scale.


What makes this so special is that every single team in the nation is included. No one is left out of the mix. So on a variance of levels, your home team can be in on the discussion of who’s best.


The Power Ratings are calculated using a proprietary formula and then using our comprehensive database of schedules and scores, the ratings are produced and then used to rank different groups of teams. For more information about how the ratings are put together, visit our .


Many schools have played just a few games thus far, so don’t be surprised to see an interesting mixture of teams in the Power Ratings early on. Simply put, the more games played overall, the more precise that the ratings and rankings will be.


Our staff and community are continually adding scores and we re-run the Power Ratings often, so fans are encouraged to check back often to see how their team progresses.


So say you are glancing down the top teams in the Mega Division, you may be asking: “Well how can Granite Bay (CA) be ranked #10 in the nation with just two games played, ahead of, say,  Adams (MI), at #13, who have a tougher strength of schedule and two more victories at the time of this publication?”


Well, simply, the ratings will work themselves out rather quickly once most teams in America play at least three or four games. Sure, come mid October, Granite Bay may be a very good team still ranked in our top 50 in the Mega Division, but, less data on other teams could certainly have given them an early boost in the ratings.


And another great part about the ratings system is that the early fluctuations give thousands of teams the chance to be named one of American’s top football programs.


Watch the ratings and rankings change and evolve throughout the year at every single level.


With so many talented programs in the hunt, the pursuit for #1 (and a SportsPower National Championship) will certainly be one worth following every step of the way. 













Look for Adam's breakdown of the Ratings and Rankings every Thursday! 



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