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By Adam C. Warner

SportsPower Editor


OCTOBER 9, 2008 -- In this week's edition of Inside the Ratings and Rankings, let's take a look at some trends in our Mega and Large classifications. We'll highlight two teams within the top 150 of both classes and then reveal the reasons for movement within the rankings, whether it's because of strength of schedule, opponents played, margin of victory or the results of other teams around them.


This trend analysis can be a good way to compare with your favorite teams in order to see how various scenarios have a direct effect on week-to-week variations for teams within the ratings and rankings.


Mega Division


Permian (TX)


Trend: Up

Last week's ranking (10/2): 21

This week's ranking (10/9): 6

Last week's National Power Rating: 95.91

This week's NPR: 97.82


Reasons for movement: The Panthers made a giant leap this week thanks to a huge victory over fellow Texas power Odessa, 54-20. Odessa entered the matchup at 4-0 and currently owns a formidable state power rating of 75.83. The 34-point margin of victory against another top opponent certainly boosted Permian in the rankings this week.


Colerain (OH)


Trend: Down

Last week's ranking: 8

This week's ranking: 138


Last week's NPR: 97.49

This week's NPR: 88.41


Reasons for movement: The Cardinals took a nosedive in the rankings this week after falling to Middletown, 42-39. Although Middletown entered the matchup at 4-2 and currently owns a respectable national power rating of 70.93, this example proves that one regular season blemish can have a significant impact on a team's national position. Statewide, Colerain is still near the top of the pack, and sits eighth at the present time. The Cards can certainly make their way back up the rankings, however, should they prove victorious in upcoming matchups with Lakota West and Oak Hills. 


Large Division


Reidsville (NC)


Trend: Up

Last week's ranking: 48

This week's ranking: 9


Last week's NPR: 90.56

This week's NPR: 97.08


Reason's for movement: The Rams made a surge into the Top 10 this week thanks to a victory over respectable High Point Andrews (2-2 overall, NPR: 51.37) with a high margin of victory. Reidsville came out on top 47-6 in that battle. Meanwhile, the Rams continue to pile up their average margin of victory this season, which currently stands at 41.5 points per game -- good enough to send this squad soaring into the Top 10. If the Rams had a higher strength of schedule (now 32.05), they would be looking at a Top 5 placement for sure.


Oxford (AL)


Trend: Down

Last week's ranking: 25

This week's ranking: 396


Last week's NPR: 92.94

This week's NPR: 78.11


Reason for movement: The Yellowjackets (5-1) stumbled this week after falling to Hewitt-Trussville, 19-18, in Alabama 6A action. Hewitt-Trussville entered with just a 3-2 record and currently owns a NPR of 65.34 -- all of which influenced Oxford's drop this week. The Jackets have a tough road ahead, with remaining opponents all .500 or better. If Oxford can run the table and finish the regular season at 9-1, expect this squad to crack the top 50 once again after proving themselves against quality competition with NPR's 55 and higher. 


To view this week's ratings and rankings, whether regionally, nationally or statewide, head to our R & R homepage.  Now, users can join the discussion on our R & R message boards, now located directly on every rating and ranking page. Plus, fans can now embed the ratings and rankings on their favorite websites as well.


Look for Adam's breakdown of the Ratings and Rankings every Thursday!



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What's in a Nickname?

Posted by adam_sp Oct 7, 2008



By Adam C. Warner

SportsPower Editor


For millions of us across the nation, school nicknames and mascots come to define who we are as a group, no matter if it’s a Crusader, Patriot, Yellowjacket, Cheesemaker or Flaming Heart.


They represent entire communities with a common public identity and provide a distinction between one group and another.


We embrace that identity, as it becomes part of us for the rest of their lives. We honor that identity, protect it and go to battle for it every day.


And we take pride in our distinctiveness as it galvanizes us.


Often times, our school nicknames can be in the form of symbols, objects, or animals that are commonplace in society. And most of the time, we prefer these to be intimidating and fierce – all while conjuring up images of strength, power and superiority.


When it’s time to go to battle, we want that competitive edge. Just look at some of the most common school nicknames in the country right now and it makes perfect sense.


The Tigers lead the pack as the most commonly used high school nickname at 678, while Eagles, Bulldogs, Panthers, Wildcats and Warriors are not far behind them. Also included at the top of the list are Trojans, Raiders, Pirates, Bears and Cougars.


Talk about intimidating.


Altogether, most of these nicknames bring to mind a sense of viciousness, quickness, agility, strength and a daunting challenge to conquer, and we as communities aspire to live up to our “makeup” when engaging in athletic competition.


We want to resemble the exact characteristics of our school identity.


Meanwhile, our mascots and nicknames can also be a representation of an entire town or community and its history.


We often choose symbols of our past in order to properly honor those who have served before us and those who have provided the foundation for our community and what it is today.


For instance, a selection of various school nicknames which paint the history of its people include Boilermakers, Engineers, Texans, Hillbillies, Papermakers and Huguenots.


However, there are many instances where our school identities are especially unique, when a nickname might be a common symbol for a particular community, but is actually quite peculiar for the rest of society.


Case in point, mascots representing different food varieties.


In the heart of Illinois, one will find the New Berlin Pretzels. One would deduce that a local pretzel factory paved the way for the high school nickname, but actually that’s not the case.



New Berlin came up with its name following a lopsided basketball game in the 1930s, when the players had pretzels for a halftime snack and then began tossing them at each other. The local newspaper picked up on this and appropriately called them, “pretzel-throwers.” And the name has forever stuck.


And one cannot also forget the Frankfort Hot Dogs, Moorehead Spuds, Hoopeston Cornjerkers, Cairo Syrupmakers, Chinook Sugarbeeters, and Aqawam Brownies, either.


Believe it or not, sometimes our school mascots even resemble inanimate objects.


This season, be on the lookout for the Stuyvesant Peglegs, Lutheran Lights, Teutopolis Wooden Shoes and the Poca Dots.


And there are even some schools that have instilled an aggressive and intimidating mascot, just not everyday characters in the average person’s lexicon.


Take for instance the Glenville Tarblooders.



This Ohio-based squad received its name from the men that worked the railroads in the early 20th century. It’s believed that Tarblooders were half-man, half-robots and were a symbol of fearlessness and ethics.

Apparently, these men would drive stakes into the railroad tracks to secure them in the ground, and as they would, hot tar would splatter onto their arms and faces while causing them to bleed as if sweating blood.


Think that’s a tad unique? Try the Grants Pass Cavemen, Roscoe Plowboys, Vintage Crushers, Blooming Prairie Awesome Blossoms, Mt. Clemens Battling Bathers, Hurley Midgets and the Yuma City Criminals.


And, of course, the Mars Area Fighting Planets, Watersmeet Nimrods, Maryville Spoofhounds, Yuba City Honkers, Danville Little Johns, Chattanooga Purple Pounders, Centralia Orphans, Effingham Flaming Hearts, Cary Imps and the Johnson Atomsmashers.


One would assume that the history behind these schools is unparalleled. Clearly they are communities with their own, singular identity.


However, whether one is a Syrupmaker, Awesome Blossom, Battling Bather, Tiger or Hornet, there is a common thread that unites us all.


We are all part of something, and that, we can be proud





Adam C. Warner is the senior editor for SportsPower. You can read more of his work in our "Who’s Got the Power?" blog, including Inside the Ratings and Rankings every Thursday.



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By Adam C. Warner

SportsPower Correspondent


In this week's edition of Inside the Ratings and Rankings, let's take a look at several trends in two of our classifications -- Mega and Large. I'll highlight two teams within the top 50 of both classes and then reveal the reasons for movement within the rankings, whether it be because of strength of schedule, opponents played, margin of victory or the results of other teams around them.


Mega Division


Colerain (OH)


Trend: Down

Last week's Ranking (9/25): 2

This week's Ranking (10/2): 8


Last week's National Power Rating: 99.60

This week's NPR: 97.49


Reasons for movement: Colerain dropped six spots in the polls this week largely because of two factors. Within a week's time, the Cardinals' strength of schedule reduced from 70.74 to 66.56. Meanwhile, the squad won this past weekend, but only by 21 points against Mason Heights, a team that currently owns a 1-5 record and State PR of just 40.83 and State Ranking of 86. 


Trinity (TX)


Trend: Up

Last week's Ranking: 35

This week's Ranking: 6


Last week's NPR: 93.53

This week's NPR: 97.63


Reasons for movement:  The Trojans jumped up 29 spots since last week thanks to a giant increase in strength of schedule.  Trinity now has a SOS of 77.60 -- currently one of the highest in the nation -- versus 69.48 last week.


Large Division


Southlake Carroll (TX)


Trend: Up

Last week's Ranking: 22

This week's Ranking: 1


Last week's NPR: 92.85

This week's NPR: 99.63


Reasons for movement: The Dragons rise 21 spots to the top of the hill this week thanks in part to a 25-pt victory against Mesquite, which entered the game at 3-1, and now owns a formidable National PR of 71.02. Meanwhile, the Dragons defeated a Mesquite squad that plays in our Mega Division. Bonus for Southlake Carroll.


Henry County (TN)


Trend: Down

Last week's Ranking: 9

This week's Ranking: 27


Last week's NPR: 94.00

This week's NPR: 92.85


Reasons for movement: The Patriots fell 18 spots this week and didn't even lose. You may be asking, "How can that be possible?" Well, while Henry County did indeed win last weekend, 48-14, to move their record to 5-0, the Pats suffered because of a weaker strength of schedule and a win over a weak (PR of 34.02) Treadwell team.


The overall strength of schedule difference between the last seven days was six points. The Pats could drop next week as well, with Central-Merry on the docket and their NPR of 21.90. However, should the Pats beat juggernaut Brighton (5-0 and State PR of 88.47) in two weeks, expect them to rise high in the rankings.


To view this week's ratings and rankings, whether regionally, nationally or statewide, head to our R & R homepage


Look for Adam's breakdown of the Ratings and Rankings every Thursday!

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By Adam C. Warner


SportsPower Correspondent


With the 2008 football season now officially kicked off across the country for every state, FootballPower has run its first series of Power Ratings.


This is definitely an exciting time to be a high school football fan.


The ratings provide each community the opportunity to compare their home football team with thousands of others, even if one’s home team doesn’t play another. You can compare on a state level, by conference, by classification or even on a national scale.


What makes this so special is that every single team in the nation is included. No one is left out of the mix. So on a variance of levels, your home team can be in on the discussion of who’s best.


The Power Ratings are calculated using a proprietary formula and then using our comprehensive database of schedules and scores, the ratings are produced and then used to rank different groups of teams. For more information about how the ratings are put together, visit our .


Many schools have played just a few games thus far, so don’t be surprised to see an interesting mixture of teams in the Power Ratings early on. Simply put, the more games played overall, the more precise that the ratings and rankings will be.


Our staff and community are continually adding scores and we re-run the Power Ratings often, so fans are encouraged to check back often to see how their team progresses.


So say you are glancing down the top teams in the Mega Division, you may be asking: “Well how can Granite Bay (CA) be ranked #10 in the nation with just two games played, ahead of, say,  Adams (MI), at #13, who have a tougher strength of schedule and two more victories at the time of this publication?”


Well, simply, the ratings will work themselves out rather quickly once most teams in America play at least three or four games. Sure, come mid October, Granite Bay may be a very good team still ranked in our top 50 in the Mega Division, but, less data on other teams could certainly have given them an early boost in the ratings.


And another great part about the ratings system is that the early fluctuations give thousands of teams the chance to be named one of American’s top football programs.


Watch the ratings and rankings change and evolve throughout the year at every single level.


With so many talented programs in the hunt, the pursuit for #1 (and a SportsPower National Championship) will certainly be one worth following every step of the way. 













Look for Adam's breakdown of the Ratings and Rankings every Thursday! 



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FootballPower Regional Team Spotlights


Every Wednesday, FootballPower will highlight one team from each region

in the country and provide insight into the school’s background,

history, current season and other interesting stories regarding the

program. Stay tuned each week and follow along with us. Who knows –

your team may be selected at any given time!


Southeast Region 




Spotlight On:     St. Thomas Aquinas

Hometown:           Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Group:                     Florida Class 5A





By Ryan Rohde and Matt Forman










He owns 31 years of experience at the same school, more than 300 wins as head coach, four championships and one perfect season.


If one guessed the previous resume as belonging to Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden, they would be wrong.


Rather, St. Thomas Aquinas

head coach George Smith has compiled a 321-65 record while leading the

Raiders to 23 district titles, 18 region championships and posting nine

undefeated regular seasons. Not to mention being named to the Florida

High School Athletic Association All-Century coaching staff.


What may be even more impressive than his bio is Smith’s ability to

produce top-flight talent. Throughout his tenure at St. Thomas Aquinas,

the 60-year old has produced 36 NFL players, including Hall of Fame

wide receiver Michael Irvin, and over 20 current Div. I players.


This years’ team is no different. There are least 15 Div. I prospects

on the current roster. The ‘08 Raiders (ranked #3 in our Mega Top Ten

Poll) are led by Ohio State-bound wideout Duron Carter, son of NFL Hall

of Fame wideout Cris Carter, who coincidently signed on to be a wide

receivers coach at Aquinas.


"He makes defenders miss in the open field and gets the important yards

after the catch,” Smith said to Jim Halley of USA Today on his senior

receiver. “He has a knack for making the big play and moving the



Carter has developed a solid report with his quarterback Ryan Decker, a

dual-threat playmaker. The 6-foot 175-pound signal-caller is

considering offers from Wake Forest, NC State, Vanderbilt and South



The other two pass catchers for Aquinas are Dwayne Difton and tight end Gabe Holmes.


Although the Aquinas passing attack scorched defenses for nearly 2,000

yards last season, it also features a stout, dual-headed rushing

attack. The Raiders backfield is spearheaded by two junior running

backs, Giovanni Bernard and James White.


Surprisingly, Aquinas grew increasingly familiar with being number two.

The Raiders lost five straight championship games since 2000 before

winning the elusive crown last season. With a stockpile of talent,

Aquinas becomes the hunted instead of the hunter. And so come the

pre-season rankings and accolades, even if Aquinas returns only six

starters from last year’s squad.


"This is our most inexperienced team we've had in four years,” Smith

said to Halley earlier this month. “I can't understand how we can be

rated as high as we are. It's ridiculous. You return two starters on

offense and four or five on defense. I don't know. That's the way it



Despite the new influx of talent, a program like Aquinas doesn’t

rebuild, it reloads. The Raiders, 2-0, have started the 2008 campaign

with wins over Cincinnati Elder (OH), 35-24, and Cardinal Gibbons (NC),



And while Bowden, 78, has named his predecessor in Jimbo Fisher, Smith

has no intentions of stepping aside. Smith is just 19 wins away from

topping Florida's all-time wins record at 340.


Next up: Thursday, September 18 vs. Everglades (State PR: 75.00, Rank: 24).










Northeast Region





























Spotlight on:         Jeannette

Hometown:           Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Group:                    PA Class AA


By Andre Coles










Any doubts concerning a fall from grace by Jeannette this year were fully erased this past weekend as the Jayhawks (State PR: 91.00, Rank: 4) continued their dominance with a convincing 45-0 win against South Allegheny

(State PR: 55.00, Rank: 72). The Jayhawks have cruised through the

first third of their 2008 slate, posting an impressive 129 points on

the scoreboard.


All the while, the Pennsylvania power has seen a new star emerge from

the pack in Ohio State commit Jordan Hall. With the speedster lining up

in the backfield and making opponents miss left and right, the Jayhawks

look to be well on their way to their third straight WPIAL AA

championship game.


Many prognosticators and football fans alike falsely accused the ‘07

Jayhawks of being a one-man team with standout Terrelle Pryor making

national headlines and racking up state records left and right. Indeed,

the current Buckeye

was the nation’s top recruit last season and is the only player in PIAA

history to pass and run for over 4,000 yards in a career.


But despite the void left in his absence this year, the Jayhawks have

remained on top in Pennsylvania AA football thanks to a well-rounded

team filled with playmakers and a coaching staff that plays to players’



The Jayhawks, led by third year head coach Ray Reitz, are 57-3 since

the ‘03 season, and are an astounding 38-4 since ‘05 when Reitz took

over the program. Reitz also boasts an impressive .904 winning

percentage and is one of only eight coaches in the state to have an

undefeated season.


And while the ‘07 Jayhawks set a state record with 860 points scored,

it has been evident that this year’s squad has had no problems putting

points on the board despite a shift in focus as team.


Said Reitz in a recent interview with, “We

returned most of our offensive line from last year, and our defense

might be quicker than last year’s group.”


Reitz couldn’t be more on target. The Jayhawk defense has yet to even

surrender a touchdown this season in three blowout victories.


It has become increasingly clear that Jeannette may be currently one of

the best small school teams in the nation, let alone Pennsylvania. But

it’s also evident that this is one program that is built on more than

its star players -- as evidenced by the team’s overall success this



The ‘08 squad is poised to make this year just as memorable as the last

few in Jeannette. Said Reitz to, “We have the

potential to be a very good team.”


If the first three games are any indication, Reitz has hit the nail right on the head.


Next Up: Friday, September 19 @ Waynesburg Central(State PR: 27.00, Rank 114)


Talk about dedicated fans. Check out how Jayhawks fans follow and support their hometown squad! See Jeannette’s fans and followers.














Midwest Region



Spotlight on:    Deshler

Hometown:     Tuscumbia, Alabama

Group:              4 A Region 8














By Jimmy Oliver










Visions of a championship are 20/20 for the Deshler Tigers in 2008.


The Alabama Class 4A squad is already off to a 2-1 start following a

convincing victory over region foe Lawrence County this past Friday

night (Sept. 12). The 56-7 pouncing proved that nothing has changed for

the #1 ranked team in the preseason according to the Alabama Sports

Writers Association.


Despite an early season loss to 5A power Russellville (State PR: 93.00,

Rank: 7), 26-14, the Tigers (State PR: 64.00, Rank: 25) are back on

track towards another run at the Super Six – Alabama’s state

championship for each six classes in the state. And this is nothing new

for a program that has become accustomed to being on top.


“Everybody says, ‘well, the bull’s eye is on your back’, but it’s on

our backs every year,” said head coach John Mothershed in a recent

interview with the Times Daily. Mothershed is the 14th coach in program



And it’s easy to see why this is one marked team. Since the squad’s

inaugural season in 1923, Deshler has amassed an astounding record of

569-304-33, good for fourth all-time in Alabama history. Meanwhile, the

Tigers have amassed 21 regional titles and three state championships

(1990, 1998, 1999) along the way while producing 64 winning seasons. In

his 14 years at Deshler, Coach Mothershed has compiled a record of



Ever since that first season 85 years ago, Deshler has repeatedly

proved that when its defense is on track, the team simply wins. That

first group of Tigers had an amazing seven shutouts in their nine

victories. Flash forward to ’07 and Deshler held opponents to 14 points

or less five times and seven points or fewer a total of four occasions.

It’s pretty clear that not much has changed since 1923. Defense wins

for Deshler.


Now, the Tigers are looking to avenge their loss in the 2007 title game

to Central Tuscaloosa by a score of 34-7. But with a lethal offense

featuring running back J. Gardner and quarterback Chase Blackburn and a

potent defense that gets after the quarterback and regularly forces

turnovers, the Tigers may very well be back in the pinnacle contest.


But for the time being, Deshler has its eyes cast for its next opponent in Region 8 foe Rogers (2-1 overall) on Friday.


Next up: Friday, September 19 vs. Rogers (State PR: 62.00, Rank: 29).














Southern Region































Spotlight on:         Lowndes

Hometown:           Valdosta, Georgia

Group:                   GA Class AAAAA


By Adam C. Warner










After a sound 22-7 victory over Georgia power Peachtree Ridge (State PR: 41.00, Rank: 43) on September 5, the Lowndes Vikings

passed their first major test of the season and appear poised to

capture their fourth state championship in five years in 2008.


The Vikings have come a long way since their first year as a program in

1966 when the squad finished 1-8-1 (Lowndes would go 26-66-3 during its

first 10 seasons).


But in 1976, head coach Joe Wilson ushered in a new era in Vikings

football and guided the team to a 95-49 overall mark in his 13 years at

the helm – all while steering the team to two regional titles and one

state championship.


And ever since, the Vikings (currently ranked No. 2 in our latest Mega

Division Top Ten Poll) have earned the distinction by media and coaches

alike as a state and national juggernaut.


Most recently, with head coach Randy McPherson at the reigns, the

Vikings have never enjoyed more success. The squad is 68-12 over the

last six plus seasons with four regional titles and three state

championships. Meanwhile, with an assembly line of talent coming

through – including Randall Godfrey, Vincent Burns and Jay Ratliff in

recent seasons -- Lowndes hasn’t even endured a losing campaign since



Lately, the team has garnered national attention when ESPN named

Lowndes’ hometown of Valdosta, Georgia as TitleTown USA (beating out

Boston, New York and Columbus in the process). During the spring, fans

across the nation nominated towns and cities across the country based

on their championship pedigree and a panel reviewed the nominees,

culminating in a fan vote to determine the winner.


Meanwhile this season, Lowndes continues to make headlines as

ESPNRise’s No. 2 team in the nation and PrepNation’s No. 4 squad.

Already at 3-0 this year after impressive wins with playmakers Greg

Reid and Gerald Demps leading the way, one can be sure that the Vikings

will make another run at a state title – all while turning heads along

the way.


Next up: Friday, September 19 vs. Colquitt County (State PR: 90.00, Ranking: 16).












Spotlight on: Trinity

Hometown: Euless, Texas

Group: Texas 5A


By Omar Muhammad



The Trinity High football program has risen to the national spotlight

thanks to a winning tradition and a little help from the team’s

intimidating dance called the Haka.


Long before the ceremonial war dance started at Trinity, football

commenced in Euless in 1976 under head coach John Reddell and the team

quickly gained respect across the state. Flash-forward through nine

district titles and 13 playoff appearances, Reddell is now among the

winningest coaches in Texas high school football history after piling

up a record of 260-131-12 and 17 coach of the year honors by the Texas

Football Coaches Association.


The head coach and Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District

Hall of Fame inductee brought a winner’s attitude to Trinity and it has

stuck due to a knowledgable coaching staff and a steady stream of

athletic, dynamic and coachable football players. Since the program was

initiated 31 years ago, Trinity has produced five players to the

National Football League – most recently Ryan McBean, who was drafted

in 2007 by the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Head coach Steve Lineweaver, who came aboard in 2000, heads today’s

Trojans. Lineweaver has kept the Trojans on the winning course by

chalking up 89 wins while losing just 16 in his eight-year career.


Meanwhile, the Trojans have become one of the most recognizable teams

around the nation, but it isn’t necessarily because of their success.


In their championship year of ’05, the team initiated a war dance from

New Zealand called the Haka. Trinity first performed the dance three

years after one of the team’s Tongan players saw a video on the

Internet of New Zealand's All Blacks rugby team doing the war dance

before one of their games.


The ritual is more than 200 years old and originated with New Zealand's

Maori people. Since then, it has been adopted by a number of Polynesian

cultures, including Tonga.


Today, the Haka is performed by the Trojans before each game and has

even fueled nationwide coverage by YOUTUBE, Gatorade, and the CBS

Evening news.


While the Haka can be intimidating for opposing teams before a contest,

it’s quite clear that with top-notch coaching and a steady stream of

athletic talent coming into the program, Trinity will likely stay high

in the Texas and national rankings for years to come.


So far this season, the Trojans are ranked #1 by FootballPower in its

latest Mega Division Top Ten Football Poll and will look to stay there

through season’s end.


Next up: Thursday, September 18 at Allen (State PR: 96.00, Rank: 6).


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1. Interacting with the fans. The LaxPower crew quickly realized this weekend just how passionate lacrosse fans are across the country. From parents to children alike, we found out first-hand at our interview tent at LaxFest USA. Thousands stopped by throughout the weekend, but perhaps the most memorable were the laxers that performed a LaxPower rap piece, did back flips, and sang songs, just to name a few of the crazy moments. The fans at Gillette were passionate about lacrosse and every year there seems to be more of them. It's a great thing to see. And it was especially great to see just how enthusiastic the fans are about LaxPower. For some, it's a bookmark. But for many others, it's by far their favorite online destination.


2. LaxFest USA. Similar to a FanFest or mini carnival at a big time event, LaxFest USA was the place to be for fans over the weekend. Well, that is, if you weren't inside Gillette Stadium watching the games. This year's LaxFest included a gigantic outdoor retail lacrosse store, display booths, interactive entertainment, food vendors, games, live performances, photograph sessions and clinics with professional athletes. The area was bumpin' all weekend long – most especially the retail rent which had lines seemingly stretched all the way to Boston. Check out NLL star Dan Dawson as he gives you a tour around the LaxFest activities.



3. Exploring Beantown. Boston is a city rich with history and culture and the LaxPower crew had the opportunity to visit the Faneuil Hall District downtown. The area has been a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1742 and still retains its historic charm today. During the day, Faneuil Hall is a bustling historical landmark. By night, the area transforms into a hip youth scene as thousands of young adults flock to the various watering holes and clubs. Be sure to check out Bell in Hand or McFadden's next time you are in the area.


4. Watching the games. What a weekend for lacrosse. Not only was the weather perfect, but the games could not have been more competitive. But in case you missed them, the first Division I semifinal game had Syracuse rally from an early deficit to dispatch Virginia in double overtime. Meanwhile, the second semifinal contest watched Johns Hopkins do the unthinkable and beat No. 1 Duke, 10-9 (this only a few weeks after the Blue Devils beat the Blue Jays by 11 goals). In the Division III final, Salisbury and Cortland put on a high-flying show before the Sea Gulls wrapped up their 8th title thanks to a 19-13 win. In the Div. II contest, New York Institute of Technology upset No. 1 Le Moyne, 16-11. And for the finale, Syracuse downed defending champs Johns Hopkins, 13-10, to capture its record 10th national championship. It doesn’t get much better than this folks…..


5. LaxPower Fan Awards. LaxPower held its second annual Fan Awards this weekend and some of the biggest and brightest names in the game came out to the Marriott Copley Place in Boston on Sunday, May 25 for the festivities. Awards this year went to best senior attack, best senior midfielder, best senior defender, best senior goalie, best senior face off, rookie of the year and coach of the year. Check out the video from the event below!


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It's amazing to think that a comprehensive sports museum never existed in America before today.  And when one conjures up thoughts of sports museums and hall of fame's, the images of Babe Ruth and Cooperstown, Michael Jordan and Springfield and Joe Namath and Canton typically come to mind; These of course, all being individual museums representing just one particular sport.  


But the trend changed on May 6,  however, when the Sports Museum of America opened its doors in New York City. Now, for the first time in our nation's history, images, artifacts, videos and interactive features from over 50 professional sports leagues have been merged together to create one of the most unique and mesmorizing experiences a sports fan can have. 


I had the distinct pleasure of attending the grand opening of the museum last Tuesday in lower Manhattan. The day began with an amazing pep rally at Bowling Green Park just steps away from the museum doors. As hundreds of tourists snapped photos beside a giant bull statue adorned with a SMU jersey, some of the nation's most recognizable mascots danced around with fans in the park as pep bands played lively sports tunes.


Meanwhile, some of the nation's most recognizable and accomplished athletes took to the stage to introduce the museum. Never in my life have I been in the presence of so many sports legends at once. It was quite inspiring and a moment I will never forget. U.S. hockey gold medalist Jim Craig served as the MC for the event, while NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, tennis legend Billie Jean King and football great Tony Dorsett all provided additional commentary. Other sports greats in attendance on Tuesday included Mario Andretti, Bob Cousy, Walt Frazier, Martina Navratilova, Pat LaFontaine, among many others. 


After the pep rally, media members had the opportunity to take a tour of the museum and speak with the hall of famers. With every media organization there from the AP to Newsday to Sports Illustrated to ESPN, it was a madhouse, but I did have the opportunity to talk with track and field great Carl Lewis, basketball legend Bob Cousy, and hockey hero Pat LaFontaine; All true gentleman and great ambassadors for their respective sports.


Meanwhile, the museum is truly amazing. From the artifacts and videos to the memorabilia and interactive features, there is nothing that can compare. This is the ultimate sports fan's dream! You can see how it feels to get behind the wheel of a race car or even see what it's like to have a 100 mph puck come flying at you. Or check out the new home of the women's sports hall of fame. Even visit the amazing football wing which is now the permanent home of the original heisman trophy. 


This project truly is also the first step in the downtown New York revitalization project after the events of 9/11. I can't think of a better way to jumpstart the project than with an amazing place like this.


I'm telling you, the next time you are in New York, put SMA on your must-do list. 


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While Northern Iowa leads the FootballPower Division I-AA power rankings with a perfect 100.00 rating in week five, one must pay attention to the resurgence of Delaware this season, who have catapulted up the rankings to fifth at 99.54.


After five blowouts to open up the season against five quality opponents, the Blue Hens appear to have recaptured that magic a la Delaware Football in 2003. That year, of course, the Blue Hens finished with a 15-1 record en route to the national championship. That same 2003 team also stormed out to five blowout wins against quality opponents, like William and Mary, Citadel and Hofstra.


The Blue Hens have averaged 39 points-per-game and just 13 points allowed per game -- all while averaging 465 yards per game offensively. The squad has been nothing short of dominant.


Perhaps one can look at the dynamic duo of Omar Cuff and Joe Flacco as a huge reason why. Cuff, the starting tailback, has already totaled 565 yards on the ground while scoring 16 touchdowns through five games. 16 touchdowns!! Meanwhile, quarterback Flacco has thrown for 1333 yards with a 72.1 pass completion percentage and six touchdowns.


The outstanding play of Cuff and Flacco immediately have people reminiscing about the 2003 champions. As you may remember, running back Germaine Bennett rushed for 1625 yards and 21 touchdowns while Hall amassed 25 touchdowns and 2765 yards through the air.


It should be interesting to see where the Blue Hens head in the ratings from here, especially with Navy (96.45 rating), James Madison (99.17) and Richmond (98.68) on the horizon. But so far, all indications point towards up.


-Adam C. Warner

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