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Adding a Little Zip

Posted by JeremyGThomas on Jul 6, 2009 4:29:55 PM

The update to last week brought with it a significant improvement in load time and page size.  We met last month to determine how we could give the site a bit more zip and came up with a solid list of about 8 items.  One of those items, removal of “VIEWSTATE”, was included in our latest update.  VIEWSTATE is a variable used in ASP.NET to make HTTP, a stateless protocol, act like a stateful one.  Most of the pages on, however, don’t require state, making VIEWSTATE extraneous.  And on average VIEWSTATE added an additional 50 to 150 KB to page sizes to the site.


In our latest release we turned VIEWSTATE off.  Data shows us that the site is about 23% faster and, with an average page size reduction of 27%, we’ll lower consumed bandwidth out of our production data center by about 500 to 800 GB/month.


Here’s a summary of performance improvement:



Average Page Size: 17% reduction

Page Load Time: 18% faster


Event Details

Average Page Size: 38% reduction

Page Load Time: 26% faster


Channels (Running used as the control)

Average Page Size: 21% reduction

Page Load Time: 24% faster



Average Page Size: 32% reduction

Page Load Time: 27% faster


Moral of the story - turn off VIEWSTATE whenever and wherever you can.

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