Skip navigation and ESPN Rise are new additions to a growing list of websites featuring data through integration to the API.  As Geoff Skow writes on


Demand Media's, a “practical resource to find a wealth of health-related information from a wide range of sources”, taps into the directory of community events to add to the relevance and usefulness of its business listings. For example, the site includes an Active-powered list of nearby events to each of the pages in its Restaurant section:


ESPN Rise uses the SportsPower API Service to better fulfill its goal of offering “all the latest high school sports information, including scores, stats, rankings, polls and athlete profiles”. The site features the top ranked high school football teams across five classifications according to the Active Power Ratings. New ratings and rankings are unveiled every week throughout the season, and are generated at the national, state and local level.

We're excited about the uptake of our API and hope to see developers do new and innovative things with our data.  You can read more about our API on at or read through the api specification at

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