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The Sportspower API

Posted by JeremyGThomas Oct 19, 2009

sp-temp-short.png Sportspower is a leading highschool team sports ranking website.  It contains a complicated algorithm that factors in things like win/loss record, homefield advantage, state division and school size to calculate team rankings at the divisional and national levels.  Take a look at the national ranking for "mega" highschool football teams on Sportspower


Rankings data is available through an open API, and we partnered early on with ESPN Rise to feature football rankings on their site.  Check out the bottom right-hand corner of where they build a widget consuming the Rankings APIThe API is now available for all developers to leverage in their applications or websites. 


Read up on the Sportspower API on  Typically, the API is used to:


  1. Determine the geographic context for ranking data by querying the Playoff Group, Playoff Subgroups or Sportspower School Size Classification API for the relevant group ID (i.e. "60" for all very large highschools in the United States).
  2. Use the geographic context (group ID) to get a list of rankings for a given sport.


During the initial rollout, only highschool football ( and basketball ( is supported with lacrosse data from soon to follow.

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