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RSS Comes to

Posted by JeremyGThomas Apr 20, 2009

When I started working at the first thing I noticed was that there were no RSS feeds on our pages.  It seemed like a simple oversight to me.  But, it turned out adding RSS was harder than one might think, mainly because we had to make sure all was kosher with our content partners.


Well, the time has finally arrived.  RSS is now on!  Here are some feeds you may want to subscribe to:



RSS feeds for events are in store for the future so you can be notified when, say, next year's Carlsbad 5000 is available on

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Generating Sitemaps

Posted by JeremyGThomas Apr 10, 2009 is an aggregator of data from disparate sites within the Active Network.  Because the source of content is distributed and because we have so much of it, creating a sitemap.xml file for SEO purposes has become challenging.  We're working on a new search solution (which you can access in Beta at , and the engine behind that has a sitemap.xml generating capability.


But there's only one problem: the file it generates is huge.


According to, a sitemap file can only be 10MB in size or up to 30,000 URLs (whichever comes first). The sitemap for has over 220,000 URLs and is about 34MB in size.


We needed an application that would split the sitemap.xml file, according to the constraints above.  I searched all over the internet for something that would do this, and was found only with commercial applications that wanted to crawl my site before generating/splitting the sitemap.xml files.


So, my team developed a simple, .NET-based application that splits a large sitemap.xml file into smaller ones, and also creates the sitemap index file which references them.


Because I'm feeling philanthropic, I decided to give you access to this tool, free of charge.  Download it here.

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Made Over

Posted by JeremyGThomas Apr 8, 2009

After much anticipation we have finally released our new Event Details page.  Check out the screencast below, browse around and let us know what you think.


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