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A key component of my role as Social Media Manager here at Active is trying to find new and better ways for active people to connect and share: with us, with the site, with each other, and with the sports about which they are passionate. The fan page on Facebook is one way we're able to accomplish this. 




Made up mostly of staff members just six months ago, the page has grown to ~15,000 fans, which use the platform for reasons ranging from getting updates on popular articles to peer support to photo sharing. Part of this growth is the result of having recently added a Facebook Fan Box on the home page to make it easier for the visitors to join our page. 



In keeping with the tenets of Web 2.0 which promote interoperability, we were able to incorporate the Facebook fan box with a snippet of javascript. The fan box enables visitors to become fans without ever leaving our site, and is easily customizable. You can learn more about fan boxes here.

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