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Currently Being Moderated Realtime - Phase II

Posted by JeremyGThomas on Apr 15, 2010 4:01:10 PM

Active Realtime_cropped.jpg

We launched Phase I of Realtime in order to prove a few concepts - namely A) that we could create an extensible infrastructure that efficiently taps into the activity happening on and B) that there was interest in this sort of thing.  Before we launched, we knew the technology was sound, but we were pleasantly surprised to the positive reaction external and internal audiences had to the prototype. So, we embarked on Phase II with the aim of improving design and incorporating different types of data.


I'm happy to announce the availability of Realtime, Phase II at Realtime is to showcases what people in a given city are searching for, registering for, and the results their viewing on right now.  The goal of the site is to help you make a decision about what event you might like to participate in by showing you what's popular in your area.


Here's a screencast explaining Realtime's features:

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