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Active Realtime Trends

Posted by BrianActive Jun 16, 2010


The Realtime website has now been collecting data for several months.  This is the first time we've looked at site usage with respect to a user's location, and it presents the opportunity to do some insightful data analysis.


For example, did you know on average San Diegans register for events within 3 weeks of the start date, and they tend not to travel very far.  When they do travel they tend to go to Los Angeles. ; But, people from the east coast often travel farther.  For example, when registrants from Philadelphia travel for an event,  they often go to Salt Lake City.  The trend of  east coast people traveling further than west coast might be explained by the weather; the west coast simply has weather more consistently suited for endurance events, and a greater number of events taking place.  How do people in the middle of the country fare?  Using Las Vegas as an example, top destinations are split between Sacramento, Atlanta and Jacksonville, showing a wide variability in destination.

We also looked at the most popular time of day registrations were completed.  For almost all of cities, the morning hours between 8 and 11 were most popular, with an additional spike in activity around 8pm.  Evening registrations were especially prevalent in the city of Seattle; could it be all the coffee?


Finally, the registration sport was detailed per city.  Running and walking events were found at the top, with cycling and triathlon trailing close behind.  Other sports such as swimming, fitness and adventure racing also ranked among the top.

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