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If you know somebody who fits the job description below,  DM me on twitter @jgrahamthomas,shoot me an email (jeremy dot thomas at  active dot com) or apply on  We're looking for two Java/PHP developers for a new Self-Service Ads platform we're building.


Job Description


The Active Network, Inc. provides technology applications and marketing  services to community service organizations worldwide and has earned a  reputation as a leading online destination for active lifestyles. The  company's application services help organizations reduce the cost and  complexity of managing community activities and fundraising events. Its  marketing services offer integrated online and field marketing campaigns  that help brands develop authentic relationships with active consumers.  Its consumer properties offer a comprehensive destination for the  active lifestyle.


You  are a Web Application Developer with solid experience developing both  consumer-facing web products and backend systems.  You enjoy technical  challenges and can recite the Agile Manifesto by heart.  You also  understand how to build scalable, dynamic systems and you preach the  tenets of Web 2.0 to those who will listen.


You have a passion  for developing high-availability systems and have experience putting  advertisements in front of people’s faces using ad platforms such as  OpenX.


You know how to build scalable systems.  You’ve used memcached.  You’ve mastered PHP5 but you are equally as good in J2EE frameworks like Stripes, Spring and  Restlet.  You can write stored procedures for MySQL and understand how  to optimize relational databases.


You’ve contributed to one or more open source projects, and you may even have started a couple.


You read books about programming.


You blog about web application development.


You’re a leader, a rock star, and someone who gets the job done.


You will join the development team – a group of seasoned software engineers proficient in J2EE, .NET, JAVA and PHP5 technologies.  You will be expected to add value to this team from day 1  with your experience, passion and technical expertise.  You will work  with that team to develop the OpenX self-service ad platform,  delivering value to the properties and customers alike.


Most of all, you are a boundary pusher.  You constructively question entrenched viewpoints, and you are a consumer advocate.


Skill Requirements:


Please do not apply unless you have substantial experience in the competency areas below:
•     High transaction and high traffic web site solutions.
•     Expert web application developer using J2EE and PHP5 technologies.
•     Knowledgeable in MySQL
•     Skilled at getting ads in front of users via OpenX or similar platform.
•     Practical experience employing scalable architectures.
•     Solid background with Agile software development methodologies.
•     Excellent written and spoken English

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