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Posted by JeremyGThomas Jan 11, 2011


Today I got an email from Groupon for half off Americana restaurant in Del Mar.  The day before I got an email for half off a facial at a local day spa.  While these deals no doubt are appealing to many folks and cause these local businesses to be inundated with new, coupon-weilding customers, I couldn't be bothered.  They just don't match my interests or needs.  Groupon's problem is that its only niche is location.  But what if there were a deals service that offered deals based on location + interest?


Enter Schwaggle,'s deals site for active people.  "Schwaggle" was derived from "schwag" + "haggle".  It is designed to present deals that appeal to's audience, such as today's deal for 50% off Bay to Breaker's registration.  Other such deals might include $50 off a bike tune-up, etc.  And the point is that all of these are deals that I, as an active person, am more likely to find interesting than a $5 pedicure.


Schwaggle is launching in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It will slowly roll out to other demographic areas as deals are sourced and we learn about how people receive the product.  But today, at least, Schwaggle's deal sold out in a matter of hours, which shows that people are interested.

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