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We had a mandate in Q3, 2010, to conceptualize a product that  showcased what a regionally-focused could be.  After myriad  brainstorming sessions, several user research trips, and executive coaxing we  landed on Active Local.



Life’s Purpose Local has one mission in life, and that is to  connect active people with the things active people do. Local is  tightly integrated with, which has an awesome listing of activities  to register for. All of those great activities have made their way to  Local, too.


But we want Local to be about more than just the  big events people register for. We're striving to be the definitive guide to  activities happenning in your neighborhood - activities like morning  rides, yoga in the park, afternoon runs and nearby hiking treks. We did our  research and found that local bike shops and running shoe stores, the running  club down the street, your favorite yoga instructor, or the local climbing store  all put on an incredible number of free activities right where you live. So  we're working in conjunction with these activity hosts to build up our inventory  of things to do in the Bay Area.


In this way Local can be used not only to register  for the Bay to Breakers, for example, but also to find a 6am run to join on  Monday mornings.


We're also promoting local activity hosts - small shops and  clubs - by making it easy for you to find your favorite bike shop and the  morning rides it puts on, for example. The most active clubs and businesses are  featured on our homepage. And you'll also find them listed on Near You map.


Public Beta Release Local is targeted towards people in the San  Francisco Bay Area.  And starting now, users from that region who visit will see a ribbon encouraging them to visit Local.


Check it out at

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