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Campgrounds and Camping Reservations - ReserveAmerica_1283455556443.jpgReserve America, which is part of The Active Network, contains campground data for 97% of the US and Canada's national and state/provincial parks.  Today we are releasing the Camping API, backed by Reserve America's database, so that developers can tap into this rich information source.  The API can be used to find all campgrounds in California that allow RVs, pets, have a golf course and are available on 15 September, 2010 for 8 days.  Or it can be used to find campgrounds in Colorado that reside along rivers or lakes.  Or it can be used to get a rich description of a campground including driving directions, recommendations and ammenities (these descriptions are often authored by park rangers).


Check out the API documentation over at  We're excited to see the types of applications that will be developed with this rich data set.

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