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Chris Ferguson, Development Manager for, and I have been at Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco this week.  We're here to stay in touch with the latest in technology and to spread the good word about The Active Network.  Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg was scheduled to speak at 2, and this was his first public speech since Facebook went public earlier this year.  We knew his would be a popular session, so we got to the conference early in order to score a good seat.  Our sacrifice paid off as we were 5 rows from the front of the stage (about 30 feet).  And to put this into context, there are about 200 rows setup in the conference hall.


The place was packed, and people were crowding toward the front of the stage as they would if we were at a Pearl Jam concert.  Zuckerberg does enjoy rockstar status after all.  Here's a shot I took looking backwards from my seat.



When the CEO of Facebok finally took stage, I was able to snap a great picture with my iPhone.


Michael Arrington interviewed him.  Arrington is by far the best interviewer at the conference this year.  I agree with one attendee when she tweeted "I wish @arrington did all the interviews. He's like the Jon Stewart of Startups".  As for me, I felt like a school girl seeing Justin Beber in person for the first time.  Regardles of how insightful his first public appearance in recent months may have been, it was amazing to be in the presence of such an influential technologist.

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I was fortunate enough to be asked by Mashery to speak at BAPI New York and BAPI San Francisco this year.  I gave a quick presentation on the reasons why we need to endeavor to understand the impact our API has on our business.  Check out the presentation I gave in San Francisco:



Here were some of my other favorites:

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BAPI Conference - Replay

Posted by JeremyGThomas Dec 18, 2009

I wrote last month that I would be speaking at the Business of APIs Conference on 16 November.  It was an awesome venue, and Mashery really put on a good show. If you're interested in re-living my speech, check it out below:


2,022 Views 2 Comments Permalink Tags: conference, api, bapi'm happy to announce that I'll be speaking at the Business of APIs Conference in New York City on Monday, 16 November, 2009. We've been steadily investing in our public API over the past few months with the Search API being the most recent addition to our portfolio.  I'm going to be telling the "Active Story", starting from the origins of our company and how we grew through acquisitions.  The prime directive of was to become the world's most comprehensive directory for things to do, and in order to accomplish this we needed to ingest data produced by the products we'd acquired in order to make them discoverable on the site.  An internal initiative, then, drove us to consider interoperable APIs as a means to facilitate integration between systems we owned, and at that APIs that could be accessed across data centers.  As a by product of this initiative we found that external developers were interested in our data, hence the birth of    


Anyway, it's an interesting story, and if you're NYC and want to hear the details, sign up for the Business of APIs Conference and come on down to Sunwest Studios.


Update: It looks like the conference is already sold out.  But there will be a recorded copy of my presentation on their website in the days following.

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