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Active Realtime

Posted by BrianActive Mar 10, 2010

Active Realtime is the newest addition to our product incubator  Every day thousands of people are searching and registering for things to do at Active.  The idea behind Active Realtime is to provide a window in to actual user activity,  giving a sense of whats happening right now at Active.  We also aggregate popular activities on a local level, which reveals favored events and activities in a region.  We also have the opportunity to look at trending topics over time, which will perhaps yield new insight into what is keeping us Active.




Presently data for Active Realtime is provided by our newly launched search engine .  In the future we hope to include realtime data from other parts of Active, such as event registration openings or community posts.  Keeping this in mind, we designed a technical infrastructure for Active Realtime that would allow us to add additional sources of data in the future, as well as allow other applications at Active tap into the information.



To accomplish this, we used  XMPP Publish Subscribe, an addition to the venerable IM protocol.   Using XMPP PubSub, we are able to keep Search and Active Realtime loosely coupled, so each service can be independently maintained and scaled.  Additionally, we developed a Search Logger, which acts independently of the Search site.  The Search Logger acts as the Publisher, and pushes search data over the XMPP bus.  Any interested part of the Active infrastructure may subscribe to receive these updates, and the Realtime application is just that.  The Realtime architecture includes a Ruby daemon that acts as Subscriber, registering an interest for search activity and receiving data accordingly.  This data is recorded into the Realtime database, which  then can be displayed on the Realtime site.  A diagram showing the architecture is included to the side.



The payoff for investing the time to create this architecture, rather than just querying the search infrastructure directly, is twofold.  First, it provides a simple and scalable way for future datasource  additions to be made to the Realtime application.  Secondly, it de-couples realtime with each of the data publishers, allowing all systems to function and scale independently, without having an impact on one another.



I hope you enjoy this window into Active.  The data on Active Realtime is generated by Active users, so perhaps another like minded person will help you to find a great local activity to participate in.
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