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July 2009

Keep those fluids up!

Posted by ramirault Jul 31, 2009

So last weekend I completed my longest ever bike ride.  I headed out from downtown Denver with a couple friends for what we here in the Mile High city call "Super Evans."  Evans refers to Mt. Evans which sits at the lofty height of 14,264 feet above most beaches.  This was my last big training ride before competing at the Leadville 100 on August 15th.  We set out not to break records on this ride, but to finish the ride and still have energy.


On a journey that consisted of 129 miles and 15,500 feet of vertical climbing the 2 biggest factors for completion aka survival would be hydration and nutrition.   I left my house with 2 bottles filled to the brim with PUR filtered water and potpouri of energy bars and gels.  I ended up refilling my bottles a total of 6 times each for 14 bottles in total.  That may seem like a lot of fluid, but hydration should always be on your mind whether your out doing a cruise around town or on a monster bike ride.  Here in Colorado that dry climate also plays a big factor for depleting water in your body so I'm always sippin' water whether I'm on the bike or cubing it up at work.



So just remember to keep those fluids up and you'll be amazed what your body can do when properly hydrated!





Cheers, Ryan



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As an athlete, I always try to stay in the know about how important hydration is. I know not to leave the house without a Camelbak when I take my bike out on the Lakefront. I have my run routes mapped around the water fountains. And my workout is never a good one if I somehow manage to forget my water bottle at home and I have to keep jumping off the machine and rehydrating.


I know to stay hydrating but sometimes it's hard to keep drinking water and I'm craving of something, anything, else. I try adding lemon juice or even a little Gatorade powder to sweeten my drink, but the tedious process sometimes has more foregoing that drink because I don't want to mix the concoction. So I was super excited when a package from PUR arrived with a pitcher and water filter that also contained a flavor package to mix up the taste of the water. I already liked the water straight from the pitcher because now I finally didn't have to deal with semi-warm water straight from the tap and I had the option of adding flavor with a few quick taps of a button. I'm liking it already and know I'm staying more fueled in the process. And with a race coming up, I know it's even more important.




Stay tuned to hear more. I'm sure I'll have some hydration thoughts after the race. Last time I suspected I was dehydrated because I felt like a camel the following day, guzzling water and never seeming to get enough.



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PUR Water Pitcher

Posted by kyle_welch Jul 30, 2009

I received my shipment today and used the PUR water pitcher and one of the PUR flavor packets.  After prepping the pitcher and water filter, I added the flavor pack and tap water and was delighted with the result!  The strawberry flavor had a great taste and there was no hint of chlorine taste or smell to the water.    I like the way the pitcher allows me to add as much or as little flavor to each glass.  The filter change indicator is also very handy.


Kyle Welch



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Got PUR?

Posted by Stacy Dietzler Jul 23, 2009

I'm so excited to be a PUR Ambassador and share feedback regarding PUR

products!  As a triathlete and runner, hydration is a big part of my

active lifestyle. I don't drink coffee (I’ve never drank a cup!) or sodas since

they wire me!  I drink a minimum of  64 ounces  of water a day. 


I'm also a big water drinker with lemon, so it will be great to try the PUR

Flavor Options since I love all kinds of fruit.




In terms of my triathlon training, I always hydrate prior to, during and

after my trainings and races to prevent dehydration and cramping. You will

either see me with a water bottle or a fuel belt, as water really seems to

always quench my thirst. Water also gives me that extra push that I need as I

run through a water station at a race. I will never miss out on the opportunity

for that cup of water!




Check back to see my feedback regarding PUR water filtration products!



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I just wanted to do a quick post to say how excited I am to be part of team PUR and how important hydration is to me. I am currently nursing my 10 month old son, so proper hydration is a MUST to be able to take care of both myself and my family. I need to consume extra fluids to be able to maintain my milk supply even if I was not an athlete, so being active, I need to drink a TON of fluids. I usually have a glass of water with every feeding session in addition to my normal intake, plus fluids for my workouts. I can tell when I am not getting enough to drink because my son is crabby and extra hungry- not good!


I am so excited to be part of PUR because I will be able to ensure that my drinking water is safer for me and for my family, and I will not be producing so much waste from non-reusable beverage containers. I hate when I have to purchase bottled water, because many times it is not any better for me and produces so much waste!



I have my first mountain bike race of the season coming up this weekend, so I will update everyone on how that goes next week! It is a 4 person relay, where we will be outside most of the afternoon, so proper hydration will be key to avoid cramps and premature fatigue.



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Hydration for athletes

Posted by jvicario Jul 19, 2009

Proper hydration is so important to athletic success yet it is so often overlooked.  I constantly talk to the athletes I coach to stress the importance of their race day fueling.  I am constantly reinforcing hydration as a daily routine. Sufficient fluid levels are achieved when athletes need to urinate a pale-yellow to nearly colorless urine every few hours.   For base workouts, recommend 6-10oz fluid every 15 minutes; understanding that cold weather conditions may warrant consumption on the lower end of the range. Indoor workouts may require consumption on the higher end of the range.  Each athlete should also know how to assess  their sweat rate and match their needs with their losses. Keep in mind that sweat rates will vary with changes in the training environment and as the result of improved physical conditioning.

















I'm looking forward to incorporating PUR in to my nutrition and hydration arsenal while staying Green at the same time.





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PUR Digital Ambassadors

Posted by Lindsay Simpson Jul 17, 2009

PUR is the leading provider of water filtration systems and wants to educate you on the importance of staying hydrated. PUR has sponsored 10 Brand Ambassadors nation-wide who are athletic individuals just like you. These PUR Ambassadors are interested in spreading the word about the benefits of hydration. These Ambassadors are using PUR products and saving money by bottling their own water. They'll be blogging about their experiences from July-September. Check back frequently for fun updates and educational blogs.

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