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Got PUR?

Posted by Stacy Dietzler on Jul 23, 2009 2:31:16 PM

I'm so excited to be a PUR Ambassador and share feedback regarding PUR

products!  As a triathlete and runner, hydration is a big part of my

active lifestyle. I don't drink coffee (I’ve never drank a cup!) or sodas since

they wire me!  I drink a minimum of  64 ounces  of water a day. 


I'm also a big water drinker with lemon, so it will be great to try the PUR

Flavor Options since I love all kinds of fruit.




In terms of my triathlon training, I always hydrate prior to, during and

after my trainings and races to prevent dehydration and cramping. You will

either see me with a water bottle or a fuel belt, as water really seems to

always quench my thirst. Water also gives me that extra push that I need as I

run through a water station at a race. I will never miss out on the opportunity

for that cup of water!




Check back to see my feedback regarding PUR water filtration products!



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