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Faucet Mount and Dune Hike

Posted by Melissa_Christensen on Aug 10, 2009 1:03:24 PM


My faucet mounted PUR filter came today, and it was SUPER easy and fast to install.  I letting the water run for 5 minutes to activate the filter took longer than the actual installation process.  It is very attractive and easy to switch between filtered and unfiltered water.  It is perfect for someone like me who was always "the bad roommate" in college and always forgot to refil the pitcher, even though that is super easy to do as well.



Also, this past weekend, I went on a brief trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan.  When we arrived, there was a sign at the ranger station warning us that the dune hike was extremely strenuous, and would take 3-4 hours to reach Lake Michigan and back, and that adequate hydration and sunscreen were a must.  Since we had 2 small children with us, we opted to not go all the way to the lake, just far enough to see it.  I was so glad that I had packed my PUR reusable water bottle full of fresh clean water for myself, and sippies for both kids.  It was so refreshing on such a warm sunny day.  The views of the lake were amazing.



I am having trouble uploading images directly to the blog, so I have attached a couple in the file section to check out.  I am sorry the photo quality isn't the greatest, they were taken on my cell phone.  I managed to pack all the water, but failed to grab the camera! Oops.  That just means I have to go back!



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