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August 19, 2009

The Leadville 100

Posted by ramirault Aug 19, 2009

This past weekend I was rubbing elbows with the man himself, Mr. Lance Armstrong.  The event was the Leadville 100 which is also known as "The Race Across the Sky."  What a race it was and a true testament to what it takes to be successful as an endurance athlete.  This was my first 100 mile mountain bike race and a lot of training and preparation was required. 


Living here in Denver requires me to drink lots and lots of fluids in order to combat the dry climate and also the altitude.  My folks flew in from Boston and I had them drinking their fluids before arriving to ensure some level of confidence at high altitude.  So for the Leadville 100 you are probably wondering what I did for hydration.  Well, hydration is imperative for a successful race and that does not just go for drinking on race day.  The entire week leading up to the race I upped my water intake from my PUR filter in the office and at home.  Co-workers definitely thought it was funny to see me running to the bathroom almost every 40 minutes.




So once race day came I believe I was full on ready to take on 100 miles and 14,000 vertical feet of Colorado's high alpine terrain.  During the race I was drinking a full 24 ounce bottle every 30-40 minutes and that proved to be the sweet spot for me personally.  The result for me was a finishing time of 9:19 and placing 165th overall out of nearly 1,500 starters.  I was extremely happy about my result and my preparation as well as nutrition practices paid off!  So will I race Leadville again?  We'll have to see...I'm still tired today from the race!



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