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Oh the wonderful Texas heat

Posted by skisnoopy on Aug 30, 2009 5:45:38 PM

Ah summer time, even though it is technically nearing fall Texas is seeing no relief to the heat. I have been in Texas since the summer of 2007 and I still can't get used to it. However, I will never stop competing just because of the heat. I have learned my lesson on the importance of hydration. Currently I am part of the Army cycling team and we ride on Thursday afternoons at 4 pm. (Thursday is family day which means that all soldiers much be dismissed by 3 pm to go and spend time with their families.) We have continued these rides even when it is 104 degrees outside. I think that we might have a few screws loose but we are out there to train in the heat. There have been times when I have run out of water and have had to go to some of the on post houses to ask friends for extra water. My husband and I decided a month ago to add to our water supply and to add two more water bottles behind our bike seats. We start off with four water bottles and go through all of them in just an hour and a half at times! It's crazy. However, despite the heat, we still train. When the heat index is 110 we try not to train too hard however, we are still out there training!

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