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The need for water at my job

Posted by skisnoopy on Aug 31, 2009 3:57:18 PM


Ok, so back to this Texas heat. Yes, it's hot. I'm sure that everyone knows that. However, I think that I have learned how important water is at my job. I currently teach Modern Army Combatives at Fort Hood-which is pretty much teaching soldiers hand-to-hand combat with the enemy for three minutes of survival. It's a really fun job however our building gets extremely hot. We always brief our soldiers to keep hydrated during the course because of the intense training. A few weeks ago in the wondefully hot July heat we started a new class and began their training....within an hour we had a soldier who was not looking so good-turns out that they were dehydrated from the weekend and did not drink water when we told them to during their break. The soldier wound up having to drop the course and go to the hospital immediatly to get an IV.



This does not happen often but it still does happen at times. Ah, gotta love the Texas weather!



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