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I'm drinking from a hose?!

Posted by skisnoopy on Sep 27, 2009 7:06:09 PM

This past weekend was my first 100k bike ride-I attempted to do one last month but my derailer came off at mile 51 and I had t be rescued by the sag wagon. Early that morning my husband and I filled up our water bottles and hit the road to Waco. We were both pretty wired about the event, he was going for 100 miles and I was going to do the 65 mile ride. I would have loved to join him on the longer ride but I have been burning the candle at both ends for the past few races and could tell my body was tired.


The ride was really enjoyable. I actually stopped at the rest stops and stayed pretty social.I was looking for no pr on this ride. I just wanted to have a good ride and enjoy the day.  I went through both of my water bottles by mile 30 and refilled them there. I took a quick sip before I hit the road and could taste a difference immediatly. I realized how spoiled I have become from my Pur Water filter at home and in the fridge. The water was not horrible-it just had a different taste to it that I did not care for. I realized that they were filling the coolers from a nearby hose. However, I still drank what they gave me and continued with my ride. Every time I took a drink of water I could taste a difference and realize that this was not from my Pur water filter. Lesson of the weekend: I have become addicted to my water filter...oh and also I can ride a 100k and not kill myself.

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