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Hydration for the troops

Posted by skisnoopy on Sep 29, 2009 6:43:09 PM

These past few weeks have been very exciting for me because I have been one of the coaches for the Fort Hood Combatives Team. These soldiers were picked from the Fort Hood tournament to go to Fort Benning and fight for the Army Championship. I was there to help train and condition them for the past few weeks. The days involved training, conditioning, and a small lecture from me daily. I was able to help teach them the importance of a good diet and also proper hydration. During one conditioning drill I put them in the pool. I told them to bring water with them but they laughed and told me that they would not need it. I had them swim laps and do some water aerobics, by the end of the conditioning drill they were dying for water. They never realized how much water could be lost-even when in a large body of water.

The tournament was last week and our team took home 7th place out of 62 teams. I was very proud of them. Over the week they have trickled in to say hello. Each one of them has thanked me personally for teaching them the importance of a proper diet and hydration. Mission completed.

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