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October 2009

Europe/Home Brew Update

Posted by Stacy Dietzler Oct 20, 2009

We're back from Spain & Italy and I definitely missed having my PUR faucet filter readily available and drinking water frequently throughout the day. Because bottles of water were a bit pricey in Europe, I would buy a litre and a half bottle of water and fill up a 16 ounce water bottle and carry it around for the day. This amount of water was way less than what I drink back in the US. It's interesting how you get so accustomed to drinking water continuously throughout the day and never think twice about having it readily available. I certainly appreciated coming home and having the ability to use my PUR faucet filter 24/7!


My husband's most recent home brew was a Classic English Ale and it is by far his best ever! He says it's his favorite beer he's ever made and he attributes it to using PUR water!  He currently has a Barolo red wine (the Cabernet of Italy) made with PUR water fermenting and he will be bottling it in a few more weeks. Once bottled, it should be ready to drink within a year! It's been our experience that it's worth the year-long wait and that it makes for some great holiday gifts:-)



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