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2 Posts authored by: David Lamay

Taste Test

Posted by David Lamay Sep 27, 2009

This past week I did a blind taste test with some members of my team and customers at our store, PUR filtered water vs tap water vs an expensive machine processed water filter ( a sales rep happened to come to the store that day so I put him to the test!)  Taste-wise, tap water was on the bottom of the list, PUR and the processed water were both smoother to drink and easier to swallow of course!


My bosses son has switched to filtered water now and feels like his stomach issues are much better and have given up sodas! 


I gave my neighbors some coolers and talked to them about the benefits of Hydration and switching from sodas to PUR water ( yes they now have a filter pitcher in their fridge!) and have reported back having lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks and feeling great!


Meanwhile I continue to use/re-use my Sigg bottle every day, sometimes with some iced green tea as my pre-workout drink, love the idea of not dragging a case of water inside twice a week!

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Importance of PURe water

Posted by David Lamay Sep 27, 2009

The human body is 70% water the brain is 85% water blood is 90% water the human liver, one of our most vital organs is 96% water!

So you can guess that the importance of drinking water is high!


It's a logical assumption that the quality of the water we drink will have a very significant effect on our overall health. So what are the benefits of drinking water obtained through whole house water filters?


We are exposed to far more toxins in our drinking water than ever before. EPA records show that so far over 2100 cancer causing chemicals have been detected in U.S. water supplies. So what happens when we get 10 or 20 or 50 traces of different synthetic chemicals together in the same glass of water.

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