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PUR at Costco!

Posted by Melissa_Christensen Dec 2, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I ran a Turkey Trot- the Flying Feather Four Miler, in Dublin, Ohio.  It was great, the weather was a cool but not too cold, and we got some great swag.  I also had a PR, being that this was only the second 4 mile race I ever did, this same race 3 years ago.  It gave me a good excuse to indulge in my Thanksgiving meal.  I also spent some time on my thanksgiving weekend doing some shopping at my favorite store, Costco.  I took my mom shopping, who doesn't have a membership, so we pretty much looked at everything (I typically get the same things over and over, ignoring whole sections of the store), and was so pleased to see that they had PUR faucet mounts with filter packs for sale!  I am not sure how long they have been there, but I had been hoping they would show up there.  Even happier was I today when I opened my mail and noticed that there was a hefty coupon in my Costco mailer for the faucet mount with filters or just the filters.  We have sure been loving our faucet mount, and I am glad to know that I can stock up on filters for it this way.

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Girls On the Run

Posted by Melissa_Christensen Sep 17, 2009


I am really excited to have the opportunity of coaching a Girls on the Run team through my city.  This is an excellent program for young girls ages 8-13.  Throughout the program, they will learn about self esteem, nutrition, and values, all while training to complete a 5K race.  I think this will be a great opportunity for me to grow as well as help them get started in running.  While I was a gymnast from a very early age, I did not run until I was in college.  I am glad that I have my involvement with PUR, because I will need to stress the importance of hydration to them, especially when they start doing their longer timed runs.  GOTR has provided them each with a reusable water bottle, which they are to bring filled with water prior to each practice, and I am to ensure that there is extra water for them on their longer runs by creating aid stations on the track, so this will be an interesting challenge for me to provide them filtered water, but I believe I am up to it.  I am sure my PUR pitcher will be getting a lot of use over these next weeks so that I can provide clean good tasting water to the girls on their long runs. 



For more information on Girls on the Run, please see:



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Last week was a huge week for me in terms of racing. I had my second Triathlon EVER on Wednesday night. It was the final of a series of races at Island Lake State park, and the first in the series was my first ever tri. I was super excited about it, and since it was an evening race, I spent a lot of the day preparing for it. You cannot believe my HORROR when I got about halfway to the race site and realized I had left both of my water bottles that I had prepared with water from my PUR faucet in the refrigerator. I had planned to use these bottles for hydration on the bike. Yikes! Fortunately, I had been hydrating all day, and had an aluminum reusable bottle of water with me that I prepared with flavored PUR water, but it did not have a sport top for biking. Luckily, I had enough friends at the race and was able to borrow a bottle with a sport top for the ride. Since I made sure to go through all the trouble to have water on the bike, I made sure to drink it (which I sometimes forget to do while biking), and it made a huge difference. I am sure some of it was my training, but I was able to take 7 minutes off my 800m swim time, 4 minutes off my 12 mile bike, and 3 minutes off my 3.1 run from my first tri ever, for a total of over 13 minutes improvement in my overall time (my transitions were longer, unfortunately). While I did not place in this race, my finish time had me more in the middle of the pack for my age group instead of being almost last like before.


Then, just a few days later, on Saturday, I competed in the Maybury Time Trial, an approximately 10 mile cross country mountain bike race. I had been looking forward to this race for a long time, and had purchased a new bike at the beginning of the season with this race in mind, so I really wanted to do well. Peer pressure had gotten the best of me this week, as far as doing the tri, because I would have not planned another race so close to this one which was so important to me. My husband started first, and my 3 year old daughter had her first race EVER, and I started last! We were there pretty much all day, and hydration was very important. We brought TONS of water bottles from home filled with PUR filtered water to keep us hydrated througout the day, and used our camelbacks on our races. My husband and I both finished 3rd in our respective age groups and classes, and my daughter finished her .1 mile ride on her tiny bike! Being a time trial, everyone had their own start time. I was first in my class to start, based on the alphabet. I had to make sure to just go as fast as physically possible, because I did not have any other riders near me to judge how I was doing, except for being passed by the two ladies that finished ahead of me. Fortunately, my time held up and the only two ladies faster than me were those I saw. It was a great day.



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My faucet mounted PUR filter came today, and it was SUPER easy and fast to install.  I letting the water run for 5 minutes to activate the filter took longer than the actual installation process.  It is very attractive and easy to switch between filtered and unfiltered water.  It is perfect for someone like me who was always "the bad roommate" in college and always forgot to refil the pitcher, even though that is super easy to do as well.



Also, this past weekend, I went on a brief trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan.  When we arrived, there was a sign at the ranger station warning us that the dune hike was extremely strenuous, and would take 3-4 hours to reach Lake Michigan and back, and that adequate hydration and sunscreen were a must.  Since we had 2 small children with us, we opted to not go all the way to the lake, just far enough to see it.  I was so glad that I had packed my PUR reusable water bottle full of fresh clean water for myself, and sippies for both kids.  It was so refreshing on such a warm sunny day.  The views of the lake were amazing.



I am having trouble uploading images directly to the blog, so I have attached a couple in the file section to check out.  I am sorry the photo quality isn't the greatest, they were taken on my cell phone.  I managed to pack all the water, but failed to grab the camera! Oops.  That just means I have to go back!



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Last weekend was a great weekend. It was the weekend of the Tree Farm Relay, in Novi, MI, at Lakeshore Park. We had a bit more water than we wanted- we had more coming from the sky that neccessary for mountain biking, but overall we had a great time. The day started with lots of rain, and it dried out nicely for the start of the sport category, although the trail was quite messy for the start and end of the race. I had a team of 4 women and my husband had a team of 4 men. We had a great turnout from our family and friends. I started the race with a LeMans style start. My team was the Tu N Tu Bella's, and it was formed of 3 former Team Stayput members and my college roommate. Wearing tutus was a tradition my girlfriends started doing Dances With Dirt, a 50 mile trail running relay, and we wanted to keep it alive with the mountain bike relay. We spent the whole day outside, so being well hydrated was extremely important. I was glad we had a tent for our team complete with cooler of fluids.


Here is a video of the start


Here are a couple photos of me:  The first is riding up the start hill



This is one of me after completing my leg.



My team finished up 4th in the women's sport catgory



I was also really excited to receive my welcome kit from PUR. I love having the pitcher in our refrigerator to have fresh, cold, purified water for myself and my family. It is great to give to my children in their sippy cups, put in my camelback, and to take with me everywhere. I enjoy being able to use resusable water containers for myself and my family, and this has really enabled me to have much better, cleaner water with me.



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I just wanted to do a quick post to say how excited I am to be part of team PUR and how important hydration is to me. I am currently nursing my 10 month old son, so proper hydration is a MUST to be able to take care of both myself and my family. I need to consume extra fluids to be able to maintain my milk supply even if I was not an athlete, so being active, I need to drink a TON of fluids. I usually have a glass of water with every feeding session in addition to my normal intake, plus fluids for my workouts. I can tell when I am not getting enough to drink because my son is crabby and extra hungry- not good!


I am so excited to be part of PUR because I will be able to ensure that my drinking water is safer for me and for my family, and I will not be producing so much waste from non-reusable beverage containers. I hate when I have to purchase bottled water, because many times it is not any better for me and produces so much waste!



I have my first mountain bike race of the season coming up this weekend, so I will update everyone on how that goes next week! It is a 4 person relay, where we will be outside most of the afternoon, so proper hydration will be key to avoid cramps and premature fatigue.



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