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4 Posts authored by: Stacy Dietzler

Europe/Home Brew Update

Posted by Stacy Dietzler Oct 20, 2009

We're back from Spain & Italy and I definitely missed having my PUR faucet filter readily available and drinking water frequently throughout the day. Because bottles of water were a bit pricey in Europe, I would buy a litre and a half bottle of water and fill up a 16 ounce water bottle and carry it around for the day. This amount of water was way less than what I drink back in the US. It's interesting how you get so accustomed to drinking water continuously throughout the day and never think twice about having it readily available. I certainly appreciated coming home and having the ability to use my PUR faucet filter 24/7!


My husband's most recent home brew was a Classic English Ale and it is by far his best ever! He says it's his favorite beer he's ever made and he attributes it to using PUR water!  He currently has a Barolo red wine (the Cabernet of Italy) made with PUR water fermenting and he will be bottling it in a few more weeks. Once bottled, it should be ready to drink within a year! It's been our experience that it's worth the year-long wait and that it makes for some great holiday gifts:-)



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We'll be traveling to Spain & Italy for a few weeks and months ago I was already wondering what I would do about my daily water intake! After reading Ryan's post, it made think some more about my hydration plan. I'm not keen on having to spend extra money on bottled water on the cruise, or while walking extensively throughout various cities, but I don't want to forgo drinking water throughout the day. It also doesn't help that I'm not a big fan of tap water. I've really appreciated the PUR faucet filter which we've been using on a daily basis. We use it for my tea, my husband's coffee, my cat's water bowl and our recent home brews which will be ready to be tasted in a few weeks after our trip. We're really looking forward to taste testing our his and her beer made with PUR water-)



Last night I participated in the Kaiser 5k Corporate Challenge with the GA Tech team. There were more than 15k runners/walkers. It's great community event where corporations come out and get their employees out for an evening of fun. The GA Tech coordinators had the PUR lunch coolers and coupons layed out at the various tables in our big tent. We had about 150 participants which was a larger group than last year! The PUR lunch coolers and coupons went like hot cakes!  There was a photographer onsite, so I hope to be able to get my hands on some of the photos.












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Share the PUR Wealth

Posted by Stacy Dietzler Aug 20, 2009

I was thrilled to receive the PUR Welcome Kit and since then, I've shared PUR water and  products with friends and family.  I set-up the PUR pitcher as soon as I took it out of the box and hoped that the manual would be easy to decipher which it was! I inserted the Raspberry Flavor option and put it into the fridge so I would have cold PUR water within a few hours. Once the pitcher chilled, I demoed it and I liked the fact that you can control how much flavoring you add to your glass of PUR water. I prefer to have a light flavor taste and really like the one push of a button on the pitcher and presto -  I had flavored raspberry water!  I tend to drink just plain water and I can certainly say that I can taste the difference with PUR. My husband can also. We both taste tested the water and felt that the water tasted clean and that it almost a hint of sweetness since it filtered out the contaminants that was in our tap water.


We were so excited to receive the PUR faucet filter also. It  also looks great with our sink. We've been using it daily for our regular glasses of water, my husband's coffee, to cook with and most importantly, I've been using it in combination with a sports drink to fill-up my bike bottles and belt bottles for my races. I've participated in several triathlons in the past few weeks and I have one again (final one of the season) this weekend. As part of my hydration routine, I like to incorporate the PUR water in my race bottles. With it being so hot Atlanta and during my races, it's so important that I stay hydrated.



This past week I gave a PUR pitcher to my niece who was heading off to college for her sophomore year. She was moving off campus and didn't have any fun or green household items for her new house. I thought the pitcher would be a great house warming gift for her and her roommates which she loved! It was great to hear from a college student that she preferred to drink filtered water!



I work out at GA Tech and they had a big Welcome Back event this past week for the students. I contributed some PUR lunch coolers and PUR Flavor Options coupons and the students were thrilled with the PUR giveaways. I'll be participating on the GA Tech Team for the upcoming Kaiser 5k Corporate Challenge which is the largest office event in Atlanta in September. There will be 15,000 participants representing more than 400  local companies and organizations at the event. The PUR lunch coolers and coupons will be great to distribute at this event!



Check back to read about our home brews made with PUR filtered water that my husband will be making in the next few weeks - they should be quite tasty!



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Got PUR?

Posted by Stacy Dietzler Jul 23, 2009

I'm so excited to be a PUR Ambassador and share feedback regarding PUR

products!  As a triathlete and runner, hydration is a big part of my

active lifestyle. I don't drink coffee (I’ve never drank a cup!) or sodas since

they wire me!  I drink a minimum of  64 ounces  of water a day. 


I'm also a big water drinker with lemon, so it will be great to try the PUR

Flavor Options since I love all kinds of fruit.




In terms of my triathlon training, I always hydrate prior to, during and

after my trainings and races to prevent dehydration and cramping. You will

either see me with a water bottle or a fuel belt, as water really seems to

always quench my thirst. Water also gives me that extra push that I need as I

run through a water station at a race. I will never miss out on the opportunity

for that cup of water!




Check back to see my feedback regarding PUR water filtration products!



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