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Hydration for athletes

Posted by jvicario Jul 19, 2009

Proper hydration is so important to athletic success yet it is so often overlooked.  I constantly talk to the athletes I coach to stress the importance of their race day fueling.  I am constantly reinforcing hydration as a daily routine. Sufficient fluid levels are achieved when athletes need to urinate a pale-yellow to nearly colorless urine every few hours.   For base workouts, recommend 6-10oz fluid every 15 minutes; understanding that cold weather conditions may warrant consumption on the lower end of the range. Indoor workouts may require consumption on the higher end of the range.  Each athlete should also know how to assess  their sweat rate and match their needs with their losses. Keep in mind that sweat rates will vary with changes in the training environment and as the result of improved physical conditioning.

















I'm looking forward to incorporating PUR in to my nutrition and hydration arsenal while staying Green at the same time.





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