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I did an Olympic distance race in Folsom, CA this past Sunday and it was HOT!  I knew it would be hot .. so leading up to the race I made sure that I hydrated properly with my PUR water and electrolytes. 


As expected race day was very toasty!   I felt great in the heat though - confident that I had properly hydrated leading up to the race and on race morning.




After the race was over, driving back to Sunnyvale ... I looked forward my grape flavored PUR water waiting for me in the cool fridge!


















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I am having a lot of fun serving up PUR water (esp with flavor) to friends and guests who come over for a meal or after a workout.  The filtration is awesome and the taste is fantastic.   Everyone loves the clever pitcher design too!  I like showing it off ...





















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PUR Water Pitcher

Posted by kyle_welch Jul 30, 2009

I received my shipment today and used the PUR water pitcher and one of the PUR flavor packets.  After prepping the pitcher and water filter, I added the flavor pack and tap water and was delighted with the result!  The strawberry flavor had a great taste and there was no hint of chlorine taste or smell to the water.    I like the way the pitcher allows me to add as much or as little flavor to each glass.  The filter change indicator is also very handy.


Kyle Welch



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