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4 Posts authored by: skisnoopy

Hydration for the troops

Posted by skisnoopy Sep 29, 2009

These past few weeks have been very exciting for me because I have been one of the coaches for the Fort Hood Combatives Team. These soldiers were picked from the Fort Hood tournament to go to Fort Benning and fight for the Army Championship. I was there to help train and condition them for the past few weeks. The days involved training, conditioning, and a small lecture from me daily. I was able to help teach them the importance of a good diet and also proper hydration. During one conditioning drill I put them in the pool. I told them to bring water with them but they laughed and told me that they would not need it. I had them swim laps and do some water aerobics, by the end of the conditioning drill they were dying for water. They never realized how much water could be lost-even when in a large body of water.

The tournament was last week and our team took home 7th place out of 62 teams. I was very proud of them. Over the week they have trickled in to say hello. Each one of them has thanked me personally for teaching them the importance of a proper diet and hydration. Mission completed.

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I'm drinking from a hose?!

Posted by skisnoopy Sep 27, 2009

This past weekend was my first 100k bike ride-I attempted to do one last month but my derailer came off at mile 51 and I had t be rescued by the sag wagon. Early that morning my husband and I filled up our water bottles and hit the road to Waco. We were both pretty wired about the event, he was going for 100 miles and I was going to do the 65 mile ride. I would have loved to join him on the longer ride but I have been burning the candle at both ends for the past few races and could tell my body was tired.


The ride was really enjoyable. I actually stopped at the rest stops and stayed pretty social.I was looking for no pr on this ride. I just wanted to have a good ride and enjoy the day.  I went through both of my water bottles by mile 30 and refilled them there. I took a quick sip before I hit the road and could taste a difference immediatly. I realized how spoiled I have become from my Pur Water filter at home and in the fridge. The water was not horrible-it just had a different taste to it that I did not care for. I realized that they were filling the coolers from a nearby hose. However, I still drank what they gave me and continued with my ride. Every time I took a drink of water I could taste a difference and realize that this was not from my Pur water filter. Lesson of the weekend: I have become addicted to my water filter...oh and also I can ride a 100k and not kill myself.

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The need for water at my job

Posted by skisnoopy Aug 31, 2009


Ok, so back to this Texas heat. Yes, it's hot. I'm sure that everyone knows that. However, I think that I have learned how important water is at my job. I currently teach Modern Army Combatives at Fort Hood-which is pretty much teaching soldiers hand-to-hand combat with the enemy for three minutes of survival. It's a really fun job however our building gets extremely hot. We always brief our soldiers to keep hydrated during the course because of the intense training. A few weeks ago in the wondefully hot July heat we started a new class and began their training....within an hour we had a soldier who was not looking so good-turns out that they were dehydrated from the weekend and did not drink water when we told them to during their break. The soldier wound up having to drop the course and go to the hospital immediatly to get an IV.



This does not happen often but it still does happen at times. Ah, gotta love the Texas weather!



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Oh the wonderful Texas heat

Posted by skisnoopy Aug 30, 2009

Ah summer time, even though it is technically nearing fall Texas is seeing no relief to the heat. I have been in Texas since the summer of 2007 and I still can't get used to it. However, I will never stop competing just because of the heat. I have learned my lesson on the importance of hydration. Currently I am part of the Army cycling team and we ride on Thursday afternoons at 4 pm. (Thursday is family day which means that all soldiers much be dismissed by 3 pm to go and spend time with their families.) We have continued these rides even when it is 104 degrees outside. I think that we might have a few screws loose but we are out there to train in the heat. There have been times when I have run out of water and have had to go to some of the on post houses to ask friends for extra water. My husband and I decided a month ago to add to our water supply and to add two more water bottles behind our bike seats. We start off with four water bottles and go through all of them in just an hour and a half at times! It's crazy. However, despite the heat, we still train. When the heat index is 110 we try not to train too hard however, we are still out there training!

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