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How to fix the BCS!

Posted by Richard Bakare Feb 18, 2008

This college football season seems to have produce one overwhelming cry for a playoff. Publicized murders of Hawaii and Illinois, ideas of second round match ups between USC and UGA, and poor performances by OSU and Oklahoma all under scored what most College football fans really want. A simple knock out tournament to produce a clear cut champion. Some suggest a plus one system, some suggest a plus two, and some suggest an 8 team playoff. All the ideas are fair but I would like to throw my own into the hat. So here is how I would fix the BCS system.


  • Reduce the regular season to ten games for every team across the country.

  • Run the season from the first week in September through the last week November.

  • Each team would have two bye weeks, one random and the other during Thanksgiving week.

  • Get rid of all Conference Championship games.

  • At the end of the season take the BCS rankings for the top 16, which would be compiled on a formula of 25% coaches poll, 25% AP poll, %25 Las Vegas poll, %25 BCS/Computer rankings/formula.

  • The top 16 would play in a single elimination tournament starting with the first weekend in December for 3 weeks.

  • The 14 losing teams would be eligible to play in the 7 classic bowl games on New Year's day (Cotton, Sugar, Rose, Citrus, Orange, Fiesta, and Gator Bowls). This would keep the bowl organizers happy and keep fans of eliminated teams something to go into next season with.

  • The final two teams would play the following night in the BCS Championship game.


I believe this system would be great and not still make plenty of money for everyone. As it is now most schools already play 12-13 regular season games and more if they have a conference championship. Also teams play well into December as it is now. We would be able to keep the bowl games and have a clear cut national champion every year. Also, more fans would probably travel to the playoff games knowing what was at stake for their teams. Anyway, that is my two cents on college football, inspired by the debacle of the 2007 season. Congratulations to LSU and thank you for punishing the annoying sweater warriors.

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