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So- I've been remiss about writing this week. I've had a good week of running but about mid week I was feeling a little burnt out and dreading the big 2 -0 today. My weight has been holding at around 194.5 - 195. I want it lower but it's hard to "diet" when you train at these distances. You need he calories This weeks runs were Sunday miles, Monday off, Tues. 5 Wed 8, Thursday off and Friday 5.


Today's 20 miler- I woke up around 7. I knew I had no need to get up early because it was going to be cool this morning. Didn't need to "Beat the Heat" Besides I hate running early in the morning. I took my resting HR and it was 53 beats per min. That's a new low. I Vaselined my feet, filled my Camel Back with 64 oz's of Powerade, packed my fanny pack with 2 packs of "Sports Beans" 1 package of GU-Espresso Love, 2-200mg Ibuprofen and $12 and my drivers license in case they needed to identify the body.



I started my run at a church not too far from my house. I then started my run down the road along candlewood lake. It was cold and my hands were freezing. It was around 45deg. But about 5 miles in they were fine. I kept my hr in the mid 120's to 130's for the first 10 miles. The fact that a lot of the out portion was down hill. I knew coming back I was going to be punished.



I ran to the Green in New Milford and then started my journey back. The whole time I was amazed at how comfortable I was. I did slowly down a pack of Sports Beans and then Gued at around mile 15 or so. The up hills were pretty tough. They were long and quite severe forcing my HR to 164 but it would drop back down to the 140's once I crested the hills. This is a great sign. To be able to recover from a hill climb quickly is paramount.



A funny thing on about mile 18 or so. There was a couple of firemen stopping people and asking for donations. "Fill a Boot" is when thy hold out their boot and you place your donation in it. So- I reached into my fanny pack and took out $2. When I ran up to the fireman he was taken a back a little because He didn't expect a pedestrian. He looked at me and I said "I'm on mile 18 of twenty and looking for any reason to slow down a little and rest" He looked at me and said "you're crazy. 20 miles?" The people in the cars were looking at me as if to say "what the **** is he doing?".



Todays weather was fantastic. A deep blue sky bright and sunny and cool. The leaves are just starting to change here in CT so that added to the beauty. I found myself hoping that we will have similar weather in DC on October 25th.



I am very happy with this effort. I was comfortable most of the way. I hydrated well while running and my hr was well within the limits I planned. I'm right where I want to be for now. 5 weeks left.

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Easy Sunday

Posted by scooney Sep 13, 2009

So- I woke up pretty stiff and sore third am. Demaree (my wife) was going to run so I went along with her. We did an easy 2 miles which did the trick to help loosen my legs. My AHR was 130.


Mowed the lawn. Now I'm watching my NY Jets. I hope I don't spend my time yelling at the tv.



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So, I'm an idiot! Now that I got that out of the way here is the explanation. I ran the Norwalk half marathon this morning. It was raining and the temp was in low 60's or so. Perfect weather to run a good race. Well I didn't. A friend who is a far superior runner to me and about 50 lbs lighter than I was going to run the race then another 7 to give him a total of 20miles. I ran with him for the first 2 miles which were in the mid 8's. That was a huge mistake. way to fast for me. I cut him loose after mile 2 and dropped my pace.


I to a fault pay attention to my Heart rate. My hr was in the high 150's for the first 3 miles. For me that is a recipe for disaster. My race plan was to stay in the high 130's to 140's for the first 6 or so. That plan went right out the window. I struggled to maintain a decent pace and my body said eh eh.



Around mile 10 or so I ended up running with a very nice gentlemen named Tom from a nearby town to me. He was a great distraction. He was training for the Hartford marathon and we shared training stories and race stories. He was such a nice guy. He introduced me to everyone around. He managed to get everyone's life stories etc. He was in better shape than I and when I felt like I was about to puke I looked at my hr and it was 175 beats per minute. not good. I told him I was going to slow down. That was mile 11 and at the base of a rather steep hill I said "I have to walk or I'm going to blow" . so I did and ended up clocking an 11min mile. Pathetic.



This experience has realy played with my head. If I want to run a 4hr marathon it's not going to happen if I don't become more disciplined. Can't go out too fast.



Here is the break down.



Mile 1 8:39 ahr 138 (down hill)



Mile 2 8:40 ahr 147



mile 3 9:02 ahr 150



Mile 4 9:38 ahr 155



Mile 5 9:28 ahr 153



Mile 6 9:30 ahr 153



Mile 7 9:33 ahr 154



Mile 8 9:24 ahr 156



Mile 9 8:19 ahr 158



Mile 10 10:07 ahr 163



Mile 11 11:16 ahr 164



Mile 12 9:25 ahr 164



Mile 12 9:27 ahr 164.



The Heart rate was way too high and I paid for it big time.



Thats all fro now.



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So- what a crappy morning it was weather wise. I woke up thinking 8 years ago today I walked out the door of the house on my way to my car looked in the sky and said "this is probably one of the nicest mornings ever" the sky was a deep blue, not a cloud in the sky and the air was so crisp. I also thought "what a nice day for a run." That was the morning of 9/11/2001. A little over an hour later events took place that would forever change the world. Later that day I sought out running to calm me down and just help me escape just for 30 minutes. As I was running I noticed how quiet it was. No cars on the road, no planes in the air no one outside. No sooner did these thoughts go through my head I heard the roar of an F-16 fighter at tree top height fly over. That was the first time I realized- we are at war.


I got up at 5:30 this morning and was on the treadmill by 6:20 or so. My plan was to run 8 miles at marathon race pace. I had a tough time getting the bones moving. I did a 1/2 mile warm up then I was off. I felt ok. I hate running on the treadmill. I need distractions like my iPod and something to look at on tv. The ipod cooperated, as usual but I had such a hard time finding something to look at . Since I use my iPod I have to put the tv on closed captioning. The delay is brutal so I turned it to a show that was showing cows and horses on a farm. I forget the name of it maybe it was sunrise theater or something. whatever. The run was good. I sweat like a pig but felt great.



I use a heart rate monitor- so today the goal was to keep my heart rate in the mid to high 130's. That will be my plan for the first 8 miles of the marathon. My pace was 9:40 and I finished at 9:30.



Tomorrow I have a 1/2 marathon race to run in Norwalk. It will be a training run but I will push it to try and break 2 hrs. which will be a 9:23 pace.



Full race report tomorrow.



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The decision to change

Posted by scooney Sep 10, 2009

So, here I am a little more than 6 weeks away from the start of the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC. I began my quest March 15th 2009 after stepping on the scale and it registered the highest number of my life- 227 lbs. I was rushing to get ready for a business trip to San Antonio Texas and just stepped on the scale. "Oh my god! Where did this weight come from?" I have to make a change. A drastic change.


At that time I was on 3 blood pressure medications and a cholesterol medication. I am in probably the most stressful industry you can be in now, Real Estate. I own a larger real estate brokerage firm and business has been tough.


I do come from an athletic background. I participated in track and wrestling in high school and then after HS I competed in powerlifting and owned a successful health club. Later on after my lifting career I got into mountain biking, motorcycle racing, cycling, triathlon and running. I ran the Rhode Island Marathon in 1992, Duchess County Marathon in 1996 and the NYC Marathon in 1997. Then due to major life changing issues I fell out of my active lifestyle. Divorce will do that to you.


I at times would get started in a running program but I would lose motivation and just stop training. It wouldn't take much to knock me off track. It sometimes would be a slight injury, a vacation, getting ill or just say the **** with it .



That day back in March I made the decision to return to an active and healthy way of life. I began a slow progression over a 6 month period to bring me up to a marathon distance. I realize this is a little extreme but that's how I role. I have never done anything in moderation. Examples- started weight training ended up becoming a powerlifter and owning my own gym. Bought a dirt bike- then got into racing them. Started in real estate- ended up opening my own company. Started running to get into shape- ran marathons and triathlons. Yes I'm a nut. But I as long as I can remember was never satisfied with being average. As a matter of fact I would look at people and wonder why they would ever be satisfied with not improving their strength, physique or endurance. I guess I was and to some extent driven by a deep seeded insecurity. Oh well! Yes I had a less than fulfilling childhood but that's the past and that I guess what drives me.



Fast forward to today. This is an off day for me with my training. I completed an 18 mile run on Saturday and so far this week I did a 5 miler on Monday a 5.5 miler on Tuesday and a 5 miler on Wednesday. Tomorrow I run an 8 miler at my marathon race pace which is about a 9:40 pace. Unfortunately I will run it on a treadmill because I have a crazy day ahead of me at work.



oh yeah, As of today I am off all medication and I weigh 196.5lbs. I would love to be in the 180's for my race but that will be a challange. Especially since I need a lot of calories to support my training. I am just eating right but not dieting.


I feel great! The only issue is that none of my clothes fit. I guess that's a good thing.



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