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The decision to change

Posted by scooney on Sep 10, 2009 7:09:06 PM

So, here I am a little more than 6 weeks away from the start of the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC. I began my quest March 15th 2009 after stepping on the scale and it registered the highest number of my life- 227 lbs. I was rushing to get ready for a business trip to San Antonio Texas and just stepped on the scale. "Oh my god! Where did this weight come from?" I have to make a change. A drastic change.


At that time I was on 3 blood pressure medications and a cholesterol medication. I am in probably the most stressful industry you can be in now, Real Estate. I own a larger real estate brokerage firm and business has been tough.


I do come from an athletic background. I participated in track and wrestling in high school and then after HS I competed in powerlifting and owned a successful health club. Later on after my lifting career I got into mountain biking, motorcycle racing, cycling, triathlon and running. I ran the Rhode Island Marathon in 1992, Duchess County Marathon in 1996 and the NYC Marathon in 1997. Then due to major life changing issues I fell out of my active lifestyle. Divorce will do that to you.


I at times would get started in a running program but I would lose motivation and just stop training. It wouldn't take much to knock me off track. It sometimes would be a slight injury, a vacation, getting ill or just say the **** with it .



That day back in March I made the decision to return to an active and healthy way of life. I began a slow progression over a 6 month period to bring me up to a marathon distance. I realize this is a little extreme but that's how I role. I have never done anything in moderation. Examples- started weight training ended up becoming a powerlifter and owning my own gym. Bought a dirt bike- then got into racing them. Started in real estate- ended up opening my own company. Started running to get into shape- ran marathons and triathlons. Yes I'm a nut. But I as long as I can remember was never satisfied with being average. As a matter of fact I would look at people and wonder why they would ever be satisfied with not improving their strength, physique or endurance. I guess I was and to some extent driven by a deep seeded insecurity. Oh well! Yes I had a less than fulfilling childhood but that's the past and that I guess what drives me.



Fast forward to today. This is an off day for me with my training. I completed an 18 mile run on Saturday and so far this week I did a 5 miler on Monday a 5.5 miler on Tuesday and a 5 miler on Wednesday. Tomorrow I run an 8 miler at my marathon race pace which is about a 9:40 pace. Unfortunately I will run it on a treadmill because I have a crazy day ahead of me at work.



oh yeah, As of today I am off all medication and I weigh 196.5lbs. I would love to be in the 180's for my race but that will be a challange. Especially since I need a lot of calories to support my training. I am just eating right but not dieting.


I feel great! The only issue is that none of my clothes fit. I guess that's a good thing.



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