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Saturday 20 miler and week update

Posted by scooney on Sep 19, 2009 3:50:55 PM

So- I've been remiss about writing this week. I've had a good week of running but about mid week I was feeling a little burnt out and dreading the big 2 -0 today. My weight has been holding at around 194.5 - 195. I want it lower but it's hard to "diet" when you train at these distances. You need he calories This weeks runs were Sunday miles, Monday off, Tues. 5 Wed 8, Thursday off and Friday 5.


Today's 20 miler- I woke up around 7. I knew I had no need to get up early because it was going to be cool this morning. Didn't need to "Beat the Heat" Besides I hate running early in the morning. I took my resting HR and it was 53 beats per min. That's a new low. I Vaselined my feet, filled my Camel Back with 64 oz's of Powerade, packed my fanny pack with 2 packs of "Sports Beans" 1 package of GU-Espresso Love, 2-200mg Ibuprofen and $12 and my drivers license in case they needed to identify the body.



I started my run at a church not too far from my house. I then started my run down the road along candlewood lake. It was cold and my hands were freezing. It was around 45deg. But about 5 miles in they were fine. I kept my hr in the mid 120's to 130's for the first 10 miles. The fact that a lot of the out portion was down hill. I knew coming back I was going to be punished.



I ran to the Green in New Milford and then started my journey back. The whole time I was amazed at how comfortable I was. I did slowly down a pack of Sports Beans and then Gued at around mile 15 or so. The up hills were pretty tough. They were long and quite severe forcing my HR to 164 but it would drop back down to the 140's once I crested the hills. This is a great sign. To be able to recover from a hill climb quickly is paramount.



A funny thing on about mile 18 or so. There was a couple of firemen stopping people and asking for donations. "Fill a Boot" is when thy hold out their boot and you place your donation in it. So- I reached into my fanny pack and took out $2. When I ran up to the fireman he was taken a back a little because He didn't expect a pedestrian. He looked at me and I said "I'm on mile 18 of twenty and looking for any reason to slow down a little and rest" He looked at me and said "you're crazy. 20 miles?" The people in the cars were looking at me as if to say "what the **** is he doing?".



Todays weather was fantastic. A deep blue sky bright and sunny and cool. The leaves are just starting to change here in CT so that added to the beauty. I found myself hoping that we will have similar weather in DC on October 25th.



I am very happy with this effort. I was comfortable most of the way. I hydrated well while running and my hr was well within the limits I planned. I'm right where I want to be for now. 5 weeks left.

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