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Yes, endurance is the key ingredient to winning a race or running competition anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or you have been running for a few years already. What is important is you know what you want to achieve from your running training as well as how you are going to do it.


Strength Training For Better Endurance


But always remember that a runner will never ever get endurance for running successfully and effectively if he did not push through or undergo "strength training" and while there are some runners who are a little bit skeptical about doing strength-training, thinking it will slow them down, you should know that strength-training is the most effective and best way of boosting your endurance as far as running training is concerned.


And by doing this strength-training, you will surely be a more efficient runner. It teaches a runner how to deal with stress or fatigue at the verge of stopping running. It is the real secret to maintaining your running form which would mean greater running efficiency.


Warming Up Before Running


Running right away with no warm-up exercises is not a good habit for runners. Why? Because doing warm ups before running can actually prevent accidents or injuries at the same time, and more importantly, it conditions your cardio better. Proper warming up should include ten minutes of walking, or doing some light calisthenics to prepare both your heart and muscles before running. It is not good to stretch cold muscles because they are prone to overstretching. This is why stretching should only be done when the run has finished.


Take Running One Step At A Time

Running should always complement how your body feels. Sometimes runners tend to run too fast without considering their body signals and so often encounter injury. If you are running with a friend, observe how you are going too slow or too fast by starting a chit-chat with your friend; or if there is no friend to talk, you may simply hum to yourself while observing your own pace.


Build Your Endurance


Always have a feel of your body. Know when you need to slow down and rest running for awhile. This is the best way to make your endurance stronger. If at one point, you still feel tired from a day's running, then stop for a while. Adding mileage to your running training while still feeling exhaustion might aggravate your condition and make your heart beat go below the normal resting rate. Therefore, make it a point to gradually add mileage and increase it to 10% every week.


Running Uphill


Running uphill is definitely one excellent way of improving a runner's overall speed and strength. This has been proven true as it was observed that the way you will run on an uphill track may actually be the same as the movement you take when you climb hills. And they are observed to have basically the same motion as in sprinting where the runner's legs are lifted very high while running.


Boosting A Beginner's Endurance


While a runner amateur to running would want to run a farther distance from about two miles to four and eventually increasing to six and eight miles more, the more experienced or veteran runners do not care so much for increasing their distance in as much as they would want to boost their endurance. They would, as much as possible, want to cover their substantial distances in their running training.


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