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One of my favorite things about Back On My Feet is that it is REALLY working to help people get their lives back on track.  Food, clothing and shelter are basic needs that are very important.  Back On My Feet does not provide these things.  What it does provide is a way to move people forward in their lives.  This program is not a hand out.  Back On My Feet members are people who are working hard to earn these rewards through dedication, commitment and perseverance.  The are accomplishing things beyond their wildest dreams!  They are running 5Ks, 1/2 marathons, full marathons, graduating from career programs, getting apartments, getting jobs, reuniting with their families.  Running with Back On My Feet is just the beginning.  Read some of their stories here -


Stories from Philly

Philly Stories


Stories from Baltimore

Baltimore Stories


For anyone who's done the Couch to 5K and knows what that feels like to finish your first race, just imagine going from a homeless shelter to finishing a marathon.  Can you even imagine?


Check out Darius' Story on NBC 10


Check out Aaron's Story in Baltimore


I'm running to support Back On My Feet in the Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5K in Baltimore.  Here is my fundraising page.

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That was my first reaction when I'd first heard of Back On My Feet.  I saw it on the news.  I had an interest in running as a new-ish runner and was training for the Broad Street Run at the time.  I also had an interest in trying to help to solve the world's problems when it came to social issues like homelessness.  Yeah, I know it's a big job, but I believe that if we all do a little bit, it can make a big difference.  It just takes one person's idea and for that person to put their idea into action.  That's what Anne Mahlum did and Back On My Feet was born.


I liked the idea, but didn't really get it.  I looked up the website and thought it was intriguing.


Then I did Broad Street.  Up to this point, the longest race I'd run was a 10K, which is 6.2 miles.  The Broad Street Run takes you from North Philadelphia to South Philadelphia 10 miles from the top to the bottom of Broad Street.  For 1/2 the race you have City Hall in your sights with William Penn coaxing you toward him and for the next 1/2 he's behind you cheering you on.  It is a fantastic race with fantastic energy and fantastic people lining the streets the entire 10 miles, cheering you on in all sorts of ways!  There are mummers, Irish rock bands, marching bands, string bands, church ladies in pretty hats, locals, out-of-towners, everyone is there!  You get high-fives from strangers the whole way down the road.  The crowd just moves you along!  When I reached the finish line, I was overwhelmed.  What an accomplishment!  I was exhilarated!  I had just run 10 miles!


That's when I got it - what Back On My Feet can do for people.


"We use running as a vehicle to show individuals they are capable of  accomplishing anything...but it's not going to happen overnight - it  takes hard work, dedication and perseverance. BOMF focuses heavily on  teamwork - when we run, we run as a family and we support, encourage and  motivate each other every step of the way. No one ever runs by  themselves because life is a lot harder when you go through it alone."


When I crossed that finish line, I felt like I could do ANYTHING!   Yeah - I got it!



I'm running the Kelly St. Patrick's Day Shamrock 5K for Back On My Feet by fundraising for them!  If you'd like to help me reach my goal, check out my fundraising page:

Jackie's Back On My Feet Fundraising Page




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Jackie Johnston

Jackie Johnston

Member since: Dec 14, 2007

I've wanted to get involved with BOMF for the last few years but I live too far away to run with a team. So here's a good way to support the cause and run for them in the St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K in Baltimore.

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