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Hope...Coffee...and an ice bath?

Posted by scharffbrothers on Apr 24, 2010 11:36:20 AM

What’s your favorite way to start a Saturday morning? Maybe a good long run, your morning coffee, time to read the paper or even just the hope of a relaxing day with your family. These are the things that get me excited about weekends, and help me wake with a positive attitude, even when my long run needs to start at 5:30am.


Well this Saturday I started a new tradition that might put a damper on my Saturday morning utopia. As my mileage has started to climb I’ve realized that I am no longer the same 21 year old kid that never gets hurt. So to help combat my many nagging issues, I am reacquainting myself with a team ritual from my college days…the ice bath.


Now, I SO wish I had photos of this team bonding activity to share with each of you (if you are an old teammate and have some please send them). Just imagine 2-7 runners crammed into the trainer’s whirlpool tub up to our waists soaking in 48 degree water. Not only was this a crazy sight to see, but it was quite painful for the first few minutes until everything went numb.


While the first time is not fun (and will make even a grown man want to cry some really cold tears), I have to say it is well worth the effort. After our 14 miler this Saturday (averaging 7:14 miles) my body ached. But thankfully with just 20 minutes in a not so relaxing tub I felt good as new.


For those that don’t know the benefits of ice baths, check out this link below. I would also suggest if you don’t want to spend the money on bags of ice (it takes a lot to get the water to the ideal temp) you stock pile during the week.,7120,s6-241-285--12810-0,00.html#


So to all of you runners out there, I challenge you to add one more thing to your “relaxing” Saturdays. Grab that coffee, snag your weekend paper or even light some candles. While you might not love life during the following 15-20 minutes, I promise you will be thankful for the rest of the week!


Happy bathing!



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