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Tight Hip Flexors and Hamstrings?

Posted by Rehab United on Sep 17, 2009 11:58:23 AM

Hip Flexors and Hamstrings: In our years of coaching and training, we can literally count the number of triathletes and runners who do not have tight hip flexors on one hand.  In many cases, the low-back, knee, and shoulder pain athletes experience are due, in large part, to tight hips.  Nearly everyone stretches – but do they stretch properly?  The most-effective method of stretching includes lengthening the desired muscles in all three planes of motion (forward, side-to-side, and left/right rotation) with a combination of static (holding) and dynamic (moving) techniques.


Please read below about the causes and symptoms of tight hip flexors and hamstrings and as well as the attached document with 3-Dimensional stretches.


Tight Hip Flexors

Causes: Sitting (desk job, driving, etc), cycling, running, any other sport or activity in which the hips spend a significant amount of time in a shortened position, lack of flexibility training.

Symptoms: Low back pain, tight hamstrings, loss of low-body power/strength.  Tight hip flexors often cause the pelvis to tilt forward, increasing the length of the hamstrings and increasing pressure on the low back.


Tight Hamstrings

Causes: Tight hip flexors (see above), tight calves, lack of flexibility training.

Symptoms: Low back, leg, and/or knee pain, frequent hamstring injuries.


The Fix: 3-D stretching from head-to-toe!  (See attached “Hamstrings and Hip Flexors” streches)

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