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Triathlon Transitions - Improve your T-2 and Run Split
Justin  Robinson,  MA,RD,CSSD,FAFS,CSCS
Director of Strength & Conditioning                

Tri Season is in full swing, so I compiled a few tips to  reduce leg fatigue and ultimately improve your run splits:

  • The only way to truly improve run splits is more  brick training (or smarter brick training, rather).  I highly suggest  alternating your bricks during training; i.e. long ride followed by  short run and later in the week a short ride followed by a long run.
  • Start your run with a shorter, quicker stride, for at  least the first half mile.  Neuromuscular-wise, this cadence simulates  the bike and thus, will allow time for your muscles to adapt.  Once the  legs don't feel as "heavy", relax into a longer stride - with the  emphasis on staying relaxed
  • Tight hamstrings and hip flexors are common culprits  of leg and back pain (since the hips spent the last 9-112 miles in a  shortened position).  Stretching for a few seconds during T-2 can help  the hamstrings and low back release/relax.                
    • 3D Hip Flexor Stretch: Put one  leg in front of the other, with the front knee bent (lunge position) and  the back knee locked out and back toe pointed straight.  Drive your  arms (3-10 reps in each direction): 1- Straight overhead, 2-Overhead to  the right, and 3-Overhead to the left.
    • 3D Hamstring Stretch: "Sit" onto  on leg and fully extend the other leg with the toe pointed up and  towards you (lengthening the calf and hamstring).  Alternate your  reaches in three directions (3-10 reps each): 1) Straight out to the  toe, 2) Right hand to the left side, and 3) Left hand to the right side.
  • The dynamic rotation/twisting while stretching truly  makes the difference; taking 10-15 seconds to do these stretches  (especially during a 70.3 or Full Ironman) can save you a lot of pain,  effort, and time later in the run


Click here to download our "Flex Warm-Up" (Pictures and Descritions of 3-D Mobility Exercises)

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