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Black's Beach

Posted by saraallent Dec 7, 2007

Here are some pictures a friend of mine took from Black's Beach Wednesday. This weeks breakers were the result of a storm center thousands of miles away in the Pacific Ocean and West Coast beaches have been crowded ever since.

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Lights Out

Posted by saraallent Dec 7, 2007

Everything was normal about Wednesday until I found myself sitting in the dark with my eyes fixated on a black screen and my hands frozen on the keyboard. I turned around to find Toby and Geoff with similar looks of, “Did I do that?” written on their faces. So we waited, as if God was going to tell us what happened, but instead Bob, who runs the building, came around announcing that the power was out and wouldn’t be back on until after 5 p.m. It just so happens that Wednesday also brought the biggest waves San Diego had seen in a while. So I said goodbye to my dark office and high-tailed it over to Torrey Pines State Reserve to check out the waves and go hiking.

I hadn’t been to Torrey Pines State Reserve in two years, so I was excited about my excursion. After parking the car in the crowded lot, which was full of people checking out the waves themselves, I trekked up the hill into the park. I decided to venture through the North Grove Guy Fleming Trail, a 2/3-mile loop with ocean vistas, sandstone formations and great scenery. The trail wound around to the ocean where I took lots of pictures of the crashing waves from an aerial view. I finished up my hike and headed back down to the beach and, luckily, was in time for a gorgeous sunset. I sat on a bench and snapped some pictures as the sun went down. This is why I love San Diego.


Check out the video of my Wednesday afternoon excursion.



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