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Fightin' Phils History Lesson

Posted by saraallent Oct 22, 2008


In order to get my friends who are not from Philadelphia excited to watch Game One tonight I put together a little history for them, including facts about me and the Phils. I'm posting it here and sending it along to them so they can understand why the lunatic Philadelphia fans, myself included, are going absolutely nuts about are chances at winning the franchise's second World Series ever and the first Philadelphia pro sports championship since 1983 when the Sixers won it. I have never seen a Philadelphia team go all the way in my lifetime, but that will soon change.


Here goes...


- The age of the team combined with its history of adversity has earned them the distinction of having lost the most games of any team in the history of MLB.

- The Phillies have won one World Series championship...against Kansas City in 1980 and six National League pennants in their history.  

- Phillies were founded in 1883 and were originally called the Quakers. They then became the Philadelphians.  They officially became the Phillies in 1890.

- Won first pennant in 1915

- From 1918 to 1948 they had only one winning season. Ouch!

- William Cox bought the Phils in 1943 and they started to kill it, then it was revealed that Cox was betting on the Phils. Whoops. He was banned from baseball. So, the new owner Bob Carpenter, Jr. tried to improve the image of the Phillies by changing their name to the Blue Jays. Bad idea. The name didn’t stick and was dropped by 1949.

-  Thanks to the “Whiz Kids” (lead by future Hall of Famers Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts) the Phils became good and popular forcing cross-town Athletics to peace out for Kansas City then Oakland. Good riddance!

- After a run of three straight division titles from 1976 to 1978, the Phillies won the NL East in 1980. I have a baseball signed by the whole 1978 Philadelphia Phillies team. My Dads bro somehow got it signed and gave it to me for my bday gift when I was like 12 or so cause I was really into the Phillies. Key players: Steve Carlton, Greg Luzinski, Mike Schmidt, Larry Bowa and Pete Rose. Hopefully my Mom hasn't thrown this out like she did my stellar baseball card collection which would have given me a nice chunk of change.

- Larry Bowa’s daughter, Tori, is friend's with Kristen and I've hung out with her. She's cool.

- Phils won the World Series in 1980…and that’s it.

- In 1991, Lenny Dykstra who was so legit and bad boyish crashed his red Mercedes into a tree on Darby-Paoli Road in RADNOR TOWNSHIP! For those of you who don't know, I'm from Radnor Township. “According to Radnor Township Police, Dykstra's blood alcohol content was 0.179 at the time of the crash.” He was on his way home from Kruk’s bachelor party. My favorite player Darren Daulton was sitting shotgun. I've hated Dykstra ever since cause he put the love of my life, Daulton, in harms way. Every time my dad drives past the site he points out the tree and says, “Dykstra’s tree” as if I haven't heard this a million times. There’s still a mark in the tree. Lesson: Don't drink and drive buddy! 

- Best season since was 1993 when they lost to the Blue Jays in the 1993 World Series. I attended game three at the Vet. Joe Carter’s family was sitting in the row behind us and another Blue Jay's family was sitting next to us. We got the tickets through a family friend who represented a couple of the Blue Jays. BTW, Joe Carter homered to win Game 4 and the series for the Blue Jays. Totally awkward, but well worth it.

- The Phils lost in game 4. 

- The strike in 1994 turned the city even more into an eagles town. Upside for me and my dad…cheap tickets…more games…and one of the highlights of my life...

- I threw out the first pitch for my birthday and threw it hard and in the strike zone. I got more applause then anyone else prob cause I was the only girl and puny. I couldn't throw it that well now.

- Every year John Connors (my best friend Kim’s dad) used to dress up as John Kruk in the thanksgiving parade. Legit everyone thought he was the real thing. Looked just like him.

- My favorite players come from this era when I loved baseball and the Phillies including Darren Daulton (who I later found out has numerous DUI’s and domestic violence charges against I've dropped him since), Mickey Morandini (second base…the goods, had an unassisted triple play…big news), Mitch Williams (bad *** closer and totally that guy on the team), Kevin Stocker (I had his rookie card signed before my mom tossed my collection), Wes Chamberlain (hits the hell outta the ball) and John Kruk (out of shape, dirty, huge dipper, tar helmet…now he’s clean cut on ESPN…really has come along way). 

- In 2001, the Phillies had their first winning season in 8 years.

- In 2004, the Phillies moved from the Vet to Citizens Bank Park, which is big but not as homey. Phils fans miss the Vet. They do sell only local food and drinks and make a mean cheesesteak there and "the Schmitter" is a fan favorite. 

- "The Schmitter" which is apparently not named after Mike Schmidt - Kaiser roll, cheese, special sauce, tomatoes, grilled salami, fried onions and steak. You're going to need to eat this sitting and then sit for about 2 hours to digest. 

- Citizen's Bank Park actually has the most healthy vegetarian menu in pro sports also. Believe it or not.

- In 2007, the Phils lost their 10,000th game. Congrats! Very proud. That same season they won the east pennant but lost in the division series.

- In 2008, the Phils clinched their second straight division title and defeated the Brewers and Carrie's husband, pitcher for the Brewers Dave Bush, in the Division Series to record the franchise’s first post-season victory since the 1993 world series. Bush grew up a Phillies fan so he can't be all that mad...take one for the team buddy. Thanks to our on-point pitching and offensive production from MOST (not all…they’ll need to wake up tonight...I'm looking at you Howard) of the starting lineup, the Phils won the 2008 National League Championship Series against the LA Dodgers. Hamels was named MVP and asked me to marry him, even though he’s not single. 

- My favorite current player is Chase Utley. He's a genuine good guy and excellent leader on and off the field. He's young with a strong personality. Utley is seen in combination with Jimmy Rollins as one of the best middle-infield combinations in the NL. You'll see that tonight!

- Tonight, the Phils will win game one of the world series and Philadelphia will celebrate like they won the World Series...this will continue until they finally seal the deal. Be went nuts and started a fire in the streets of West Chester last week after they beat LA to move on.  Be safe! 


Grab a Yuengling, TastyCake, soft pretzel, cheesesteak or whatever else you have around and starting chanting "Let's go Fightin' Phils! Woop woop!!


I hope you enjoyed my Philadelphia Phillies history lesson. Grab your jersey and let's make history!

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