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Thanksgiving Back East

Posted by saraallent Nov 27, 2007

Thanksgiving and football go hand in hand for me and every year I enjoy eating way too much and taking a seat next to my Dad on the couch for a day full of exciting football action.  This Thanksgiving weekend I did just that and also attended the first round NCAA game between my alma mater, the University of Richmond Spiders, and the Eastern Kentucky Colonels. It was a great game as the Spiders ran through Eastern Kentucky, 31-14, to advance to the quarterfinals of NCAAs.  I was excited to see some of my football friends doing so well and having their hard work pay off with a big win. 

Tim Hightower, who is a Walter Payton Award finalist and a good friend of mine from school, worked extremely hard training this summer and has been having an amazing year as a result.  I saw a huge difference in his agility, speed and strength as he carried for 180 yards and added a touchdown to the scoreboard.  After hearing about him breaking records all year, it was great to finally see for myself how much of a difference his training has made in his game.  Check out this link for the Tim Hightower Richmond Football page: University of Richmond Football: Tim Hightower

I am very thankful I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my family back east and watch Richmond take out the competition in person. The No. 6 Spiders will be facing No. 11 Wofford next Saturday in Spartansburg, S.C.  Good luck, Spiders!

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