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Build brand visibility and reputation with iStadia's Corporate Membership


Stadia is a global marketing and networking platform for sport and

exercise professionals and businesses that can help any business reach

their target market more effectively, whether they are in sports,

health and fitness, or leisure and recreation.


iStadia is a global sports business directory, social media & networking platform, and talent pool in one site!


Our content-driven approach and optimised profile means that you can

successfully target either consumers such as sports competitors,

coaches or fans; or sport and exercise professionals such as sport

scientists, sports coaches or sports business professionals.






How does it work?

Consumers are reached directly through content such as articles, blogs

and news which place very well in search engines. Such content

represent the 'long tail' that collectively generates a lot of views

and helps to create a 'buzz' around your brand.


By building content around keywords that your potential customers are

searching for iStadia can help you to create highly visible, easily

found pages which link back to your corporate profile, contact details

and website.


Sport and exercise professionals and businesses are also reached

through the global community of members that is growing daily on

iStadia, using our networking features to connect and keep in touch.


Accessing a global talent pool

Our community of sport and exercise professionals represents a rich

talent pool. In addition to reaching potential customers you can access

potential employees or consulting expertise to help you achieve your

business goals.


If you are a recruiter you also gain access to discounted job ads with your membership.


Benefits & Features in Detail


Customizable Corporate Profile with:




  • - Logo

  • - Link to company website

  • - Contact details

  • - Detailed company information

  • - RSS Feed - e.g. Corporate Blog

  • - Listing in exclusive sport & exercise business directory


PLUS All of the benefits of Premium Plus Membership for up to 5 individuals*:




  • - Customizable, search-engine-friendly profile

  • - Unlimited networking

  • - Highest placement in the sport & exercise professionals

  • directory - Ad-free profile

  • - Content optimised for search engines

  • - Financial discounts**


Raise your game. Sign up now!




  • As standard. For higher numbers please contact us

**15% off marketplace; 20% off iStadia courses/workshops; 25% off advertising; 25% off Job posts


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iStadia is a mine of knowledge and experience in a whole range of sport

and exercise disciplines. Of course, many of us use multiple platforms

to get our message out. Here are a selection of the sport and exercise

professionals who are using both iStadia and Twitter why not follow them?



<span class="nickname">[Sportstest||Fitness testing, nutrition and coaching for runners cyclists & triathletes] on twitter / Garry Palmer, Physiologist/Sport Scientist on iStadia



[Garry Palmer, Physiologist/Sport Scientist|]

*[liannepacker||Philosopher, intellect, ponderer, theorist and general all-round master procrastinator.] on twitter

/ Lianne Packer, Sport Psychologist on* iStadia

[Lianne Packer, Sport Psychologist|]

<span class="nickname">[johnnyfontana||Fitness Professional, Fitness Writer, Entrepreneur...] on twitter / John Fontana, Fitness Trainer on iStadia


[John Fontana, Fitness Trainer|]

<span class="nickname">[L_I_W||Looking to build online network for leisure sector inc attractions, health and fitness, sport and the licensed trade] on twitter / Jonathan Monks, Event Manager[]on Stadia



*[sportshypgaz||Sports Psychology Consultant and Director of The Centre for Sports Hypnosis]

on twitter / Gary Baker, Sports Hypnotherapist on iStadia*


[Gary Baker, Sports Hypnotherapist|]

*[Sports_Nut||I play, watch, referee & work in sport & always have an opinion! I work for a sport science publication called Peak Performance]

on twitter / Matthew Renton, Sports Social Media Manager iStadia*


[Matthew Renton, Sports Social Media Manager|]

*[keithirving||Co Founder iStadia ( and expert in performance psychology and related psychometrics]

on twitter / Keith Irving, co-owner of*  iStadia


[Keith Irving|]

*[mikegarth||Helping racing drivers perform better - love it!]

on twitter / Mike Garth, Sport Psychologist on iStadia*


[Mike Garth, Sport Psychologist|]

BenWilsonUK<span class="url uid">on twitter /  <span class="url uid">[Ben Wilson, Personal Trainer|] <span class="url uid">on iStadia


[Ben Wilson, Personal Trainer|]

*[micoach||Cricket coaching and athletic development]

/ David Hinchliffe, Cricket Coach on iStadia*


[David Hinchliffe, Cricket Coach|]

tennisopen  <span class="url uid">on twitter / Michael Peterson, Tennis Professional on iStadia





pindaregirl <span class="url uid">on twitter / Gina Block on iStadia





annetteht <span class="url uid">on twitter / Annette Huygens-Tholen, Sporting Mindset Coach on iStadia


I'll add to this list as it grows.

<span class="url uid">


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I picked up an interesting question from a blog comment today, which was whether someone who wanted to develop a career as a consultant in sport (specifically sport psychology) should start off in academia, or go into practice first. Their thinking was that an academic route might help them build up their reputation as an expert.



What route should you take to a sports consulting career?



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Body Type: Can You Morph?

Posted by sportspsychrob Jan 22, 2009

Well I kinda gave away what this post is about right off of the bat. We

are all blessed or cursed (depends on how you see it) with a natural

body type. This largely due to our genetics (thanks mom and dad) and is

something that is pretty much irreversible. There are three different

body types classified as Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. For most

of us, mesomorph is ideal and pretty much the entire reason we hit the

gym week in and out. Although we cannot reverse the way we were born

and decide to come out a mesomorph, can we change it?


Read the full article on body types by John Fontana.


Rob Robson | Professional and Business Networking for the Sport & Exercise Community

Sport Performance |Sport Psychology | Sport Science | Sports Coaching | Sports Marketing Center | Sports Business | Sports Management & Leadership | Sport Jobs| Golf Community  | Tennis Community | Football NFL Community | Soccer Performance Community | Motorsports Community

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Some six months ago, Rob Robson called Mike Garth for some help providing sport psychology support to a karting client. Rob through his iStadia network was aware of Mike's strong connection, history and target market in motor sport. Mike helped Rob and didn't expect anything in return -  that's networking.


Then in June, Rob called Mike and referred him to a medical doctor (and part-time national rally driver) who was updating his book 'Fit For Motorsport' and was looking for a sport psychologist to re-edit and update the psychology chapter. Mike subsequently carried out the work.


An opportunity then came Mike's way (by other means) to work on a TV programme which involved the co-author of the Fit For Motorsport book. The quality of the rapport between Mike and the co-author was vastly increased by the fact Mike had already worked on his book. This working relationship has increased to the extent that they are now arranging a joint venture between themselves, which involves a major motorsport manufacturer!


Rob's used his iStadia network to get some help which opened a door to further networking and in Mike's words 'Rob opened a opened a door, but without that open door, would I now be arranging this powerful joint venture?' The answer is clearly no. The true value of networking is to provide help without expecting anything in return but the more you help others the more likely they will think of you when an appropriate opportunity arises.


Mike kindly posted this to the Referrals Forum 'to give evidence for the true power of networking and the available power of iStadia to us all'.


It is easy to build your network, just invite those that you might be able to help or subsequently may be able to help you. When you sign in to iStadia, you are presented with your MyStadia - recommendations of those that have interests in similar fields to yourself and all you need do is click on the relevant name. Otherwise you can search the directoryfor others you may be interested in, particularly those who have complimentary skills to you eg. a physiologist may want access to a nutrtionist, an agent working on a sponsorship deal may need a sports lawyer, a sport psychologist may want to refer a client to a strength and conditioning specialist and so on.


Your network can get you business - it is worth investing the time to build it up.



Rob Robson | Professional and Business Networking for the Sport & Exercise Community

Sports Performance |Sports Psychology | Sports Science | Sports Coaching | Sports Marketing | Sports Business | Sports Management | Sports Jobs



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Don't confuse social networking with chatting and swapping messages and photos with your friends online. For ‘social networking' you can substitute ‘contact networking' or ‘business networking'. Social networking (the commonly accepted term) at its most fundamental is the ability the internet gives people to share their experience, develop powerful networks and contacts as well as telling everyone what they do or specialize in. You can't do this any other way, not to as many people or potential clients - locally, nationally or globally.


Such sites work because users contribute information (add content) and collect it for a huge variety of reasons. There are those that also collect information and then share it back for the benefit of all. iStadia does both. Sites that have maximized this opportunity are the well known ones - MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn and Facebook. In the latter's case they have 20m users worldwide so think about accessing the global sport and exercise market! These sites have experienced huge growth as people have discovered the power of connecting with others either supplementing their existing social networks or finding new contacts and friends.


Read more on Social Networking for Sport and Exercise Professionals


Rob Robson | Professional and Business Networking for the Sport & Exercise Community

Sports Performance |Sports Psychology | Sports Science | Sports Coaching | Sports Marketing | Sports Business | Sports Management | Sports Jobs






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There are many reasons to engage in professional networking, particularly using online communities such as, but one of the most compelling of these may be the contribution that it can make to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).



What is CPD?


Professional development is something that should be of interest to most of our members - whether students going through an intensive period of learning; professionals in training; or experienced, qualified professionals. CPD as a term applies specifically to the latter of these groups, and refers to the process of managing one's own development and growth as a professional, but the content of this article is pertinent to anyone who is interested in developing their knowledge, skills and competencies in any field.



What is professional networking?



Read the full article: Professional Networking and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Rob Robson | Professional and Business Networking for the Sport & Exercise Community

Sports Performance |Sports Psychology | Sports Science | Sports Coaching | Sports Marketing | Sports Business | Sports Management | Sports Jobs



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iStadia is the professional &  business networking, marketing and

information service that brings together the global health, fitness and

sports community.


We are developing new communities based around specific ''centers'' of

excellence. These will develop further as interactive resources. In the

meantime, you can read or   blogs and articles and reach out to

more people.


Sports Performance Center


Sports Business &  Management Center


Olympic News


Soccer Center


Sports Coaching Center


Sport Psychology Center


Sport Science Center



[Sport Science Center||Professional Networking for the Global Sport and Exercise Community]

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Member since: Jun 19, 2008

iStadia is the professional & business networking, marketing and information service that brings together the global health, fitness and sports community.

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