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iStadia is a mine of knowledge and experience in a whole range of sport

and exercise disciplines. Of course, many of us use multiple platforms

to get our message out. Here are a selection of the sport and exercise

professionals who are using both iStadia and Twitter why not follow them?



<span class="nickname">[Sportstest||Fitness testing, nutrition and coaching for runners cyclists & triathletes] on twitter / Garry Palmer, Physiologist/Sport Scientist on iStadia



[Garry Palmer, Physiologist/Sport Scientist|]

*[liannepacker||Philosopher, intellect, ponderer, theorist and general all-round master procrastinator.] on twitter

/ Lianne Packer, Sport Psychologist on* iStadia

[Lianne Packer, Sport Psychologist|]

<span class="nickname">[johnnyfontana||Fitness Professional, Fitness Writer, Entrepreneur...] on twitter / John Fontana, Fitness Trainer on iStadia


[John Fontana, Fitness Trainer|]

<span class="nickname">[L_I_W||Looking to build online network for leisure sector inc attractions, health and fitness, sport and the licensed trade] on twitter / Jonathan Monks, Event Manager[]on Stadia



*[sportshypgaz||Sports Psychology Consultant and Director of The Centre for Sports Hypnosis]

on twitter / Gary Baker, Sports Hypnotherapist on iStadia*


[Gary Baker, Sports Hypnotherapist|]

*[Sports_Nut||I play, watch, referee & work in sport & always have an opinion! I work for a sport science publication called Peak Performance]

on twitter / Matthew Renton, Sports Social Media Manager iStadia*


[Matthew Renton, Sports Social Media Manager|]

*[keithirving||Co Founder iStadia ( and expert in performance psychology and related psychometrics]

on twitter / Keith Irving, co-owner of*  iStadia


[Keith Irving|]

*[mikegarth||Helping racing drivers perform better - love it!]

on twitter / Mike Garth, Sport Psychologist on iStadia*


[Mike Garth, Sport Psychologist|]

BenWilsonUK<span class="url uid">on twitter /  <span class="url uid">[Ben Wilson, Personal Trainer|] <span class="url uid">on iStadia


[Ben Wilson, Personal Trainer|]

*[micoach||Cricket coaching and athletic development]

/ David Hinchliffe, Cricket Coach on iStadia*


[David Hinchliffe, Cricket Coach|]

tennisopen  <span class="url uid">on twitter / Michael Peterson, Tennis Professional on iStadia





pindaregirl <span class="url uid">on twitter / Gina Block on iStadia





annetteht <span class="url uid">on twitter / Annette Huygens-Tholen, Sporting Mindset Coach on iStadia


I'll add to this list as it grows.

<span class="url uid">


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