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True Story

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The Kitchen of the Playboy Mansion

Posted by culinarydoctor on Dec 19, 2007 7:55:39 PM

ESPN Award Party 2005


I did a stint at UCLA, and during my second year there I had an opportunity to work for Executive Chef Bill Carter at a place of wonder.  As a young man the Playboy Mansion had much allure to me.  I would eventually learn the true nature of beauty, but for about 9 months I was a part of this elite kitchen staff.




On this particular occasion I was handed the responsibility of working in the backyard serving hotdogs.   I wasn't too excited about this position, so when another young lady from the kitchen staff offered to switch jobs to serve popcorn instead of hotdogs, I was game.  As I walked to the popcorn stand I realized that it had a prime location directly infront of the boxing ring that had been erected for the event.  It was also about five feet from the DJ stand, although the guest DJ had not yet arrived.




So there I was, ringside at an amateur boxing match in a tropical paradise of a yard.  And did I mention the peacocks.  Flamingos were in the lagoon next to the famous grotto, and peacocks circled me like sharks, hoping for a fallen kernel of popcorn.  Then who do you know shows up to the turntables, none other than DJ Bizmarkie.  So, I said what up, he asked for some popcorn, and we kicked back to watch the first fight.




In between the first and second match I was approached by Roy Jones Jr., wearing his title which he has since lost.  He strolls up and asks for some popcorn.  As I scoop up a bag, I notice a peacock sneak up on me, trying to get some popcorn.  Although I was never given explicit instructions not to feed the wild birds, I was not about to let this exotic animal choke and die on my watch, so I stomp next to it to try and scare it off.  The bird jumped seven feet in the air, and continued to flap straight upward and finally landed on a tree branch 30 ft in the air.  I never knew that peacocks could fly.  Neither did Roy Jones Jr. and he freaked out.  After jumping back and running away, he was no longer interested in popcorn.  And when he went up against Tarver, I knew he was shook.




True story.







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