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Oceanfront Cutting Board

Posted by culinarydoctor on Dec 20, 2007 9:48:27 PM

So after the University of California Los Angeles, I came home to San Diego to open a private personal training gym with a couple of buddies.  9 months later, studio was looking great, business is about to get off the ground when I discovered one of my business partner's deceitfulness and immoral business practices.  Unforetunately I was forced to leave the situation, to walk away from my dream before it had been truly realized.  I took it in stride, but it was a big disappointment.


I needed money, but didn't want to work at a big franchise gym, so I got a job as a P.E. teacher for Delphi Academy in La Jolla.  It was SO much fun.  Played tag for hours, and it was such a great workout I usually was in bed by like 7pm.  Haha.  Only program was that the school was owned by the Church of Scientology, and after about two months they started to really trip me out to the point that I could no longer work there.  Because of the previously mentioned kitchen experience, I was able to land a job at a sushi bar.  JRDN is a waterfront restaurant at Tower 23 Hotel in Pacific Beach.  It was there that the second nutrition revolution took place in my life.  Most important was the view...





True story, and that wasn't the half.





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