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Yosemite Valley

Posted by culinarydoctor on Dec 30, 2007 7:52:52 PM

When I was a kid my parents hosted foreign exchange students at our home.  People from all around the world stayed with us.  Thus began the international network.  Several years ago I traveled with my brother to Europe, visiting friends in Switzerland and Italy.  The homeboy Guido lives in a small town in the German part of Switzerland, and during the week that we stayed at his house in the country, we had the opportunity to travel to Interlocken, where we white water rafted and mountain biked.  The trek up the hill on the mountain bikes took us about 4 hours with an hour break in the middle.  The way down happened in less than 40 minutes.  AWESOME!!!  We also went swimming in several lakes.  I highly recommend visiting Switzerland during the summer, and one of these days I am goingback in the winter to snowboard.  Italy was beautiful too.  Non vedo l'ora di tornare.  va bene.




So last March when Guido came to visit us, my family decided to visit Yosemite for the first time.  I am officially addictted to waterfalls.  On the first day, my friend Matthew and I did some recon by car, climbed up the slippery rocks to the base of Bridel Veil.  Day two early morning we attacked Half Dome.  One of the most intense workouts and by far most rewarding hike to date.  The third and final day I went to a certain lookout spot with my parents and Guido.  As we walked up there was a large gathering looking down the hill.  As I came around I noticed that everyone was staring at a bear.  50 feet down the hill the bear wandered around until it reached the bottom of a fallen tree that led to ten feet infront of me.  As the bear charged up the tree towards the group, everyone turned and ran screaming.  Suddenly it was up to me.  So I threw my hands in the air and shouted "BEAR! Get out of here! ARH".  Immediately the bear went back down the hill, and halfway down turned it's head as if to see that I was serious.  I shouted again "Go on Bear.  Get!"  while clapping my hands.  The bear disappeared.  I felt great.  For months I had been considering becoming a Park Ranger as an eventual career progression from personal trainer.  I now feel somewhat qualified.  Crisis averted.  As we returned home, something was different.  I had conquered the bear with pure fearlessness.  I don't know if that is a word, but it felt good.   More to come about my Swizz homies.  Peace in the Middle East.








truth. whole truth and nothing but the truth.






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