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A Marauder's Story

September 2010

Rutabaga Tomata

Posted by Superfiend Sep 26, 2010

I went out trail running this morning and it was fantastic. This is the place.


I started at the bottom parking lot and basically just ran up to the top of the mountain. I wasn't able to run up the whole way but I didn't take breaks because I'm tough. Once I got to the top I ran some winding trails which lead nowhere, enjoyed the view and eventually descended to trails surrounding the base. The signs say that the high trail is a mile long, and I don't know how far I ran on the bottom trails. I'd say it was around 2 miles, so possibly 3 miles total. I ran the base trails until I wound up back on the road so I ran on the road back to my car. While I was back in the woods on a flat trail I took in the scenery, breathed in the pure air and felt really fulfilled, happy and generally aware of my existence. It was really redeeming of running for me. I felt like I could have done more if not for my ankles, being untrained for this kind of running, which felt a little wobbly so I decided to call it a day.


I wore my roclites and not the Mudclaws since I figured it would be mostly rock surfaces, small rocks on trails, roots and shallow dirt. The choice proved to be a wise one. I'm starting to wonder if buying the Muclaws was overzealous and unnecessary, but we'll see if I find a legitimate use for them. I'm going to bring them with me when I go to trail run in case it rains. They should help then. I can see them being very useful during the events, considering their tread and the incline of the October and April events not to mention the mud from all the preceding runners.


I'm definitely going to integrate this into my weekly routine, once on the weekends at least.


My routine, as it stands, is still the Strength and Endurance portions, alternating days and leaving myself one day of rest. Tomorrow is going to be a Strength training day, then.


I'm considering signing up for a third event called Ruckus Boston. This one is in November, and takes place right outside Boston. It's all flatland running (around 3 miles), but there are 20 obstacles. It seems pretty intense. I'll probably end up doing it on a whim since I don't even seem to care.

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Stump Shucka

Posted by Superfiend Sep 23, 2010

My runs feel easier every time I go out.


I've got my new shoes, too, which have been great so far.


My routine has changed slightly. I run father to the gym now (1.48 miles).


I took my normal morning Endurance Booster shake.


I ran to the gym, then got on the elliptical like before. I do an hour on the elliptical now.


Crossramp - 12

Program - Variety: Cross Country (varying resistance)


I powered through the last minute with the Crossramp on 20 and the resistance on 10 and didn't die. I felt fine, actually.


My distance today was 5.98 miles. So although the elliptical's distance doesn't really compare to actual running, I ran the approximate distance of the Tough Mudder combining my run and the elliptical.


Then I did ten overhand wide-grip pullups at a good pace, and then 6 chinups. I felt strong and like I wasn't struggling through the reps.


I swam my normal routine, cutting the cool-down by 100m.


The walk home was great, and I felt like I could have run the whole way but decided not to because of my knee being somewhat sore during the elliptical jaunt.


I'm planning a hike for this weekend so I can try out my MudClaws.


I had something of an athletic experience this past weekend at the "Trifectathon". It involves running a half-mile around a lake, swimming about 50 meters across the lake, then riding a child's bike to the finish line. You also have to do all these things while toting a "Wacky Horse Noodle", which is a pool noodle made to look like a horse.


I won. The posted picture is me at the finish with my bike and noodle horse.

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Brotein and Boosta

Posted by Superfiend Sep 10, 2010

I've added two supplements to my diet and regularized my workout somewhat.


Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 (AMP, GNC)

     -Daily supplement. Whey isolates.

     -I usually take two to three scoops in 12-15oz of cold water about 30 minutes after my workout. Evidently water-based mixes absorb faster than a milk-base. I'll miss the milk, though, because it tastes so damn good.


Amplified Endurance Booster (AMP, GNC) "Aerobic competition accelerator"

     - Dietary supplement. Electrolytes, carbs, Hydrolysates and all kinds of other incomprehensible crap.

     - One scoop, but it doesn't dissolve very well in water, so I ended up drinking a lot more than the 12-14 recommended ounces of water. You're supposed to take one scoop 30 minutes before the workout, and one during, but I haven't been using it during the workout. I tend to just bring a bottle of Propel.


Workout is now divided into two programs: Strength and Endurance.


Strength has not changed significantly since my last entry's description.


Endurance improves noticeably every time I go to the gym. **Of note: I'm listening to crazy music now while I work out. One track is about an hour of nonstop techno that is all 180bpm (which I found on Podrunner) and the two other tracks just inspire me (E.S. Posthumus, Arise & Unstoppable)


     - I ran again this morning to the complex (1 mile) and it was a lot easier than last time. I went directly to the elliptical and set the timer to 30 minutes on the Varied program. I ran hard, occasionally trying to match my pace to the beat of the horribly fast techno track as it pounded in my ears. The 30 minutes went by relatively quickly, and as a "bonus" I cranked up the Incline to 20, which I think is the highest, and powered through the last minute before the 5-minute cool down. It hurt, but I wasn't wiped out afterwards, which shows improvement over my last elliptical jaunt.

          - Average heart rate: 147, 16:30 time in "zone". Total Distance on Elliptical: 2.87 miles.


     - After the elliptical I decided to randomly do pullups. I did ten overhand, beyond shoulder-width pulls followed by five regular chinups.


     - I went upstairs to the rowing machine and thought I would do ten minutes, but had to stop at five because my knee was aching. I ended up rowing about 1067m according to the counter.


     - Back downstairs to the pool. I swam my typical routine with a longer stretch at the end:


     100 Free warmup

     100 Breast

     50 Fly

     100 Back

          30-second rest in between sets


     Kickboard: 50 Flutter, 50 Breast, 50 Fly. 15 second rest in between sets. Repeat three sets.


     200 Free


I feel great, and am noticing improvement with every session. I'm looking into some hikes in the Boston area and have found a few promising trails. I'm planning on going out for one this weekend to get a feel for my performance on rugged hilly trails.


In other news, I signed up for another event. This one is called the Shawnee Peak Challenge. It takes place on October 23rd. It calls itself "the single most authentic obstacle challenge course available without enlisting." It's only 2-3 miles long, though, which is less than half the distance of the Tough Mudder. I plan on using this event as a gauge of my level by the end of October, and as a springboard for my training.


I ordered shoes . They should come in soon, and I expect to have them well worn in before my event in October. We'll see how they hold up by April.

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A Good Start

Posted by Superfiend Sep 8, 2010

Just a quick update.


This morning I ran to the gym complex (1 mile). It turns out my timing was off, as I originally planned to run to the gym, swim until I drowned, then run back to my apartment. The pool was closed for cleaning until 11am, so I spent the meantime on the elliptical.


It hurt.


I was on the elliptical doing the "Varied" program for about a half an hour, totaling around 2 miles by the time I finished the cool-down. I pulled myself off the elliptical and dragged my body into the locker room, changed, and went out to the pool, now open.


I swam for around 40 minutes.


200 Freestyle warmup.


100 Breast Stroke

100 backstroke

50 Fly

200 Freestyle


Kickboard Work

50 Free

50 Breast

50 Fly (Dolphin kick)


100 Free

100 Breast

100 Back


More Kickboard

50 Free

50 Breast

50 Fly



150 Free

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The Beginning

Posted by Superfiend Sep 7, 2010

This is officially my first "blog". I'll do you all a favor right now and ensure that this is strictly about my training and not about my pretentious assumption that you give a damn what I had for lunch or how bored I am in school. I know where the chase is and how to cut right to it. The name of the blog makes reference to our team name: Marauders, of which I am the captain.


I decided the next two years of my life would include a substantial investment in athleticism regardless of any official involvement in events. I recently moved to Boston for Graduate School, and the school itself (Boston College) has a great Athletics Complex with a full weight room, courts of all kinds, a pool…and a jousting arena. I joust.


I had been doing some moderate training on my own, motivated to start running again thanks to the nearby reservoir after a mishap in France of over-running myself to the point of getting shin splints which, for those of you who have not experienced it, is a pleasure beyond simple linguistic description. I brought my kettlebells (two twenty pounders), my weighted jump rope (2lbs), my door frame pullup bar and an insufficient amount of whey protein mix. I worked out the first couple of days of my stay in Boston just out of sheer boredom. I finally worked up the courage to run again and took off to the reservoir. I was overly unimpressed with my performance (barely making it around its circumference of about a mile and a half), and resolved to visit it again, but not too soon for fear of tearing my apparently feeble calf muscle fibers. That day I came across a link for the Tough Mudder competition.


My experience with these style events goes back to a fascination I had developed while abroad for a year. I was in the habit of exercising on my own, again for no organized event, and stumbled upon a video for Tough Guy, which is amazingly inspiring and motivating. I unfortunately could not attend this event for various reasons and aside from sending the link to a few friends and inventing fantastic and ultimately specious aspirations for one day competing, it managed to fade away into my subconscious.


Tough Mudder breathed new life into these lost aspirations, and I resolved to compete, even alone. I rallied the interest of a few friends who I believe will be good additions to my team not only by the graces of their physical fitness but more importantly by the commensurate strength of our friendships. The day I discovered and decided to participate in Tough Mudder was coincidentally the same day I first ran the reservoir and though that was meant to be my only workout for the day I ended up working out again that night (Kettlebells, Pushups, Pullups, One-Leg Squats, Iron Bridge & Leg Crossovers...etc) and took a freezing shower to get tough. It felt incredible and my friends all seemed to be just as excited at the prospect as I was/am.


I've found a new motivation to train and it gives meaning to my exercise beyond general fitness, health and other various justifications to physical activity. Though the event is seven months away, I feel it looming as a distant reminder of my resolve and drive.


My current exercise routine consists as follows:



Kettlebells (Two, 20-pounds)

     Swings - 20 both hands between legs followed by 15 each hand followed by 10 alternating hands.

     "Curl Jerk"  - Something of my own invention. Standing straight, start with bicep curl from waist, then moves to a clean above head, then bring the bell behind you bending arm at the elbow, back up working the tricep, then back down to starting position.

     Rows - One in each hand.

     One-Leg Squat - Holding one kettlebell at chest level, squat down with one leg to full squat position, hold for a second, push back up and repeat. I usually do between 5-10 reps for each leg depending on whether I've done other leg work.

     Pushups - Propped on handles of the kettlebells, dip down for one deep pushup, come back up, lift kettlebell above self to make a vertical line with both arms, pump kettlebell once, bring back down, do two pushups, two pumps...etc. I usually do five working my weaker arm more.



     I do them intermittently throughout the day. I alternate between (predominantly) overhand, wider than shoulder-width, thumbs facing me at shoulder width, and palms facing me inside shoulder width chinup.


Weighted Jump Rope (Each handle is 1lb)

     As long as I can. I've been counting jumps and I usually get around 150 before I lose form and call it a set.



     I really don't enjoy running, but it's essential for this event (about a seven mile run). I've run the reservoir once since I got here. In order to emulate just the distance aspect of the Tough Mudder I'd have to run around the reservoir about 5 times. This isn't taking into account the angle of the hills I'll be running at Bear Creek, so I'll have to work some ellipticals and angled treadmills at the gym unless I manage to find a good outdoor place to run near Boston.



     I love swimming, but I'm not in swimming shape like I was in High School. I'm working it into my schedule, and expect to see great improvement in my overall fitness as a result. I won't go into details about what I swim because 1) I really don't have a set workout yet and 2) because it's pretty much irrelevant anyway.


I divide days by the activity. I swim in the mornings and lift at night. Then I’ll run the next day, and possibly lift again that night. I listen to my body and rest when I think it’s appropriate.


My diet is inconsistent at the moment because of the recent change in my lifestyle, but I’m making sure to eat lots of protein (eggs, whey, meats) and take in plenty of calories (frequent, decently portioned meals) to offset the increased physical activity. I’ll regularize my diet soon and hopefully have something intelligent to post in the coming weeks.


I feel great about this initiative in every way. I’m optimistic about my team’s energy, my personal training and the multiple benefits it will afford us as individuals and a team unit.


If I get ambitious I might make a video of my workout routine and post it.

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