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Brotein and Boosta

Posted by Superfiend on Sep 10, 2010 11:03:23 AM

I've added two supplements to my diet and regularized my workout somewhat.


Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 (AMP, GNC)

     -Daily supplement. Whey isolates.

     -I usually take two to three scoops in 12-15oz of cold water about 30 minutes after my workout. Evidently water-based mixes absorb faster than a milk-base. I'll miss the milk, though, because it tastes so damn good.


Amplified Endurance Booster (AMP, GNC) "Aerobic competition accelerator"

     - Dietary supplement. Electrolytes, carbs, Hydrolysates and all kinds of other incomprehensible crap.

     - One scoop, but it doesn't dissolve very well in water, so I ended up drinking a lot more than the 12-14 recommended ounces of water. You're supposed to take one scoop 30 minutes before the workout, and one during, but I haven't been using it during the workout. I tend to just bring a bottle of Propel.


Workout is now divided into two programs: Strength and Endurance.


Strength has not changed significantly since my last entry's description.


Endurance improves noticeably every time I go to the gym. **Of note: I'm listening to crazy music now while I work out. One track is about an hour of nonstop techno that is all 180bpm (which I found on Podrunner) and the two other tracks just inspire me (E.S. Posthumus, Arise & Unstoppable)


     - I ran again this morning to the complex (1 mile) and it was a lot easier than last time. I went directly to the elliptical and set the timer to 30 minutes on the Varied program. I ran hard, occasionally trying to match my pace to the beat of the horribly fast techno track as it pounded in my ears. The 30 minutes went by relatively quickly, and as a "bonus" I cranked up the Incline to 20, which I think is the highest, and powered through the last minute before the 5-minute cool down. It hurt, but I wasn't wiped out afterwards, which shows improvement over my last elliptical jaunt.

          - Average heart rate: 147, 16:30 time in "zone". Total Distance on Elliptical: 2.87 miles.


     - After the elliptical I decided to randomly do pullups. I did ten overhand, beyond shoulder-width pulls followed by five regular chinups.


     - I went upstairs to the rowing machine and thought I would do ten minutes, but had to stop at five because my knee was aching. I ended up rowing about 1067m according to the counter.


     - Back downstairs to the pool. I swam my typical routine with a longer stretch at the end:


     100 Free warmup

     100 Breast

     50 Fly

     100 Back

          30-second rest in between sets


     Kickboard: 50 Flutter, 50 Breast, 50 Fly. 15 second rest in between sets. Repeat three sets.


     200 Free


I feel great, and am noticing improvement with every session. I'm looking into some hikes in the Boston area and have found a few promising trails. I'm planning on going out for one this weekend to get a feel for my performance on rugged hilly trails.


In other news, I signed up for another event. This one is called the Shawnee Peak Challenge. It takes place on October 23rd. It calls itself "the single most authentic obstacle challenge course available without enlisting." It's only 2-3 miles long, though, which is less than half the distance of the Tough Mudder. I plan on using this event as a gauge of my level by the end of October, and as a springboard for my training.


I ordered shoes . They should come in soon, and I expect to have them well worn in before my event in October. We'll see how they hold up by April.

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